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collected by Bernice Lipkin


"An invitation to Annapolis," by Ellen W. Horowitz,

"Munich 1938, Annapolis 2007" by Chaim Szmidt, Read it at Freedom's Cost. [Submitted by TM., who wrote: "This isn't my blog but it's from one of my favorites"]

"The Libel Tourist video", Rachel Ehrenfeld speaking. See this documentary at The Libel Tourist blog. Also viewable at [Saudis fund terrorists; ultimate objective -- to impose Sharia (Muslim Law) on everyone.]

"Mandate for Palestine: The Legal Aspects of Jewish Rights" by Eli E. Hertz. Download it at Myths and Facts website. Or download it directly by clicking here. A Hebrew version is also available. [Israel's right to Biblical Israel (the "West Bank") is irrevocable by international law.]

"Questions And Answers About Israel, Annapolis, And 'Peace'" by Steven Plaut ( Read it at the Jewish Press. [Why Israel should not go to Annapolis.]

"Anti-Americanism Dangerously Misunderstood, While Israel is Still Expected to do all the Heavy Lifting," by Phyllis Chesler. Read it at Chesler Chronicles. [Israel gives. Gets grief. Gives more. Gets no respect.]

"Stacked Deck! Peace conference invitee list revealed." by Batya Medad. Read it at Shiloh's Musings. [Hail, hail, the gang's all here and Israel gets to play the sacrificial lamb.]

"Honest Broker or Dangerous Scam?" by Batya Medad. Read it a Shiloh Musings. [Blair and Rice aren't honest brokers. They're partisan.]

"Annapolis..." by Chaim Szmidt. Read it at Freedom's Cost. [Olmert buys off countrymen who could bring his administration down and kowtows to administrations that could wipe out his country.]

"November 1947 and Annapolis déjà vu," by Elder of Ziyon" Read it at Elder of Ziyon. [However failure or success is measured at Annapolis, the day after there will be violence.]

"Quo Vadis Annapolis?" by Yoram Ettinger. Read it at The Ettinger Report. [Arabs view peace as just another a tactic to defeat their enemies.]

"Jerusalem" by Akiva. Read it at Mystical Paths. [Jerusalem is too important to Judaism to lose her.]

"Condi's Fatal Error" by Arlene Kushner ( Read it at Front Page Magazine. [Sec-State Rice's judgment is poor.]

"The Annapolis Summit" by Bernice Lipkin. Read it at Think-Israel. [This "peace process" is as wrong-headed as the previous ones. We need a new paradigm for peace.]

"Surprise... Not! Palestinians Abuse Their Own Kids!" by Barbara. Read it at Barbara's Tchatzkahs. [Monster Alley isn't where you make a deal.]

"Annapolis: The very definition of antisemitism" by Anne Lieberman. Read at Boker tov, Boulder. {Annapolis applies a double standard. That's anti-Semitism.]

"Dangerous Times We Live In," by Ralph Levy. Read it at Ralph's Rant. [Points out indicators that Olmert is disregarding Israeli wishes and is recklessly willing to damage Israel.]

"Motivation" by Ralph Levy. Read it at Ralph's Rants. [Why the push by the Bush administration? Ralph speculations.]

"Ancient History" by Ancient Clown." Read it at Lest we forget. [Breaking treaties isn't a new concept that needs time to understand.]

"Coordinating Committee to Save Jerusalem and other items" by Yid With Lid. Read it at Yid with Lid. [Catch up with what many bloggers are writing.]

"Every Party Needs A Pooper," by Jeff Dunetz. ( . Read it at Jeff Dunetz [How the Arabs play "who wants to make mid-east Peace?"]

"At Annapolis, Will Israel Sink Or Swim?" by Yisrael Medad ( Read it at Arutz-Sheva. [Annapolis proposals sound upbeat but they are in Israel's worst interests.]

"Israel should say to US, 'Bring it on?'" by Ted Belman. Read it at IsraPundit, November 15, 2007. [Saying "no" to America's goal of creating a Palestinian State could be very good for Israel.]

" Let's give them a state!" by Carl in Jerusalem. Read it at Israel Matzav [93.3% Palestinian arab children experience domestic violence. A state is the gestalt of its citizens. So what can we expect of their State?]

AND WE LISTED THE RALLIES To Defend Jerusalem And Biblical Israel and the integrity of Israel.




Biblical Israel is slated to become the next Gaza. Judaism's historical homeland -- part of Jerusalem and Samaria and Judea (the "West Bank") -- are being given away for empty promises of peace.

Union Square across from Macy's
Friday, November 23th, 2007
11:00AM - 1 PM
Sponsored by Stand With Us/San Francisco Voice for Israel. It is pro-Israel and will counter the Women in Black's annual anti-Israel rally taking place in Union Square.

Lafayette Park in front of White House
Sunday, November 25, 2007
Starts at Noon.
Need Info? Contact Bob Kunst at 305-864-5110
Sponsored by Shalom International and Coalition to Defend Jerusalem ( Rally will be followed by a walk to the Holocaust Museum

Mount of Olives
Sunday, November 25, 2007
Starts at 5:30 p.m.(17.30)
Need Info? Contact Eitan at 050-723-9438 or
Hebrew: English:
Sponsored by One Jerusalem. Join Natan Sharansky and Israelis from all parts of the country. Buses will leave from the Jerusalem Theater (corner of Chopin and Marcus, Talbiyeh) Sunday at 5 p.m. (and return about 8 p.m.) Reserve by calling Shalom Helman, 052-477-6275 or email Jerusalem is the eternal undivided capital of the Jewish people.

"Torch of Friendship", 3rd St. and Bisc. Blvd
Sunday, November 25, 2007
Starts at Noon
Need info? Call Carole Flato at 305 527 8137

outside the Israeli Consulate
2nd Avenue at 43rd Street
Monday, November 26, 2007
12 noon to 2 p.m.
Need Info? Call Eva Costabel at 917-553-6042. Buddy Macy at 973-785-0057
Bring posters, fliers and plenty of energy

Congregation K.I.N.S. of West Rogers Park
2800 W. North Shore
Monday, November 26, 2007
7 P.M.
Need Info? Call 773 465 3900
Sponsored by Chicago Rabbinical Council. Join in a Massive Prayer

Townhall Meeting for members ofCongress and staff.
Cannon Building HOB 121, (Metro: Capitol South, Orange/Blue lines)
Tuesday, November 27, 2007
12 noon to 5 p.m.
Sponsored by CIPAC and Richard Hellman, moderator.
Need Info? Contact Robert Turk. Tel: 860-238-7543; Cell: 860-480-9456;
Townhall Meeting on expected severe impacts from Annapolis Meeting. Sponsored by Christian Lobby for Israel, Jewish, Christian and educational organizations, Richard Hellman, moderator. Public is invited but space is limited -- first come, first seated.

Gate 1, Naval Academy, King George and Randall St.
Tuesday, November 27, 2007
11 A.M. - 2 P.M.
Need Info? Call Bob Kunst at 305-864-5110
Sponsored by Shalom International and Coalition to Defend Jerusalem

Shalom International buses. Contact $25 per seat. Alan Wolf ( has a van leaving from New Jersey -- seats 6. If you are organizing a car pool, write Bob Kunst at

AFSI: Monsey Tours bus leave from 31st between 7th and 8th Ave., NYC at 7:00 A.M. for Annapolis.
Returning to NYC at 8:00P.M.
Travel time each way: approx 3/12 hr.
To make a reservation: Call Barry at 212 828 2424 or email
Bus Fare: $30
Bring your own lunch.
Bus trip is sponsored by Americans For A Safe Israel (AFSI)

Do what you can. Call people. Get a group together and go down to a rally. Do what you can. Send donations to "Defend Jerusalem," P.O.Box, 402263, Miami Beach, Fla. 33140.

Call the Israeli Embassy and Consulates and email Knesset members. You'll find addresses at the end of "Editorial: The Annapolis Summit just below. Contact the White House. People will be lobbying Congress Monday-Wednesday, November 26-28.

Do what you can.

Bernice Lipkin is managing editor of Think-Israel.


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