by Brandon Marlon

At 64, the State of Israel Has Proven Its Vitality and Resilience. Still, Areas of Improvement Remain for Present and Future Generations of Israelis to Enhance Their State

The State of Israel has accomplished unprecedented growth and productivity in its first six decades, and continues to inspire and aid nations the world over with its remarkable ingenuity and technologies. Yet as a youthful country, Israel has much room for improvement, and various aspects - some more crucial than others - which require correction. The following summary enumerates a dozen of the most important issues facing the reborn nation:

Hopefully the coming years will see these areas benefiting from focused attention and effective action, and going forward Israel's leadership will concentrate on national, not narrow, interests. A strong and stable State of Israel will be better positioned to manage multiple internal divisions while withstanding the ubiquitous external threats. As the Third Jewish Commonwealth progresses towards its 100th anniversary in 2048, may its vibrant and innovative people continue to develop as a Jewish and democratic nation as envisioned by its founders and desired by its citizens.

Brandon Marlon is a playwright, screenwriter and poet from Ottawa, Canada. His script The Bleeding Season won the 2007 Canadian Jewish Playwriting Competition. His poetry has been published in Canada, the U.S., and Israel in various publications. He released two poetry volumes, Inspirations of Israel (Xlibris, May 2008), followed by Judean Dreams (Bayeux Arts, September 2009).
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This article was submitted May 23, 2012.

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