by Paul Austin Murphy

Fact: Arabs constitute 20% of the population of Israel. Why hasn't this 'apartheid state' exterminated, imprisoned or kicked out all these Arabs?

(Leftist/Islamist) Zionoid reply: Israel doesn't do this because it won't don't their international image any good. [Has Israel already got a good international image?]


Fact: All Adult Arabs in Israel have voting rights. Most of them vote as a result.

Zionoid: Israel gives Arabs the vote because it does not want to ruin its international image. And when Arabs vote, their votes are ignored. Most Arabs who vote are Zionists or Uncle Toms (to the Palestinian cause).


Fact: Many Hebrew-speaking Israelis are taught to read Arabic by state institutions such as schools.

Zionoid: Israelis learn Arabic to find out what the Arabs are planning in their struggles against Israel. They also learn Arabic to find fault with the Koran.


Fact: Arabs and Jews live and learn side by side in Israeli universities, in flats and in Israeli suburbs.

Zionoid: They do this only for the cameras and also to find out what Arabs are up to.


Fact: Human Rights organisations are legal and flourish in Israel. Many of them have an explicit or implicit anti-Israel policy - or ideology - and support not only Palestine, but also Hamas and its 'struggle'.

Zionoid: They may exist in Israel, but they are severely limited in what they can do and say.


Fact: Israel has a free Arabic press. In fact, the Arab press is much more free than any press in the Muslim Arab world.

Zionoid: The examples of 'the Arab press' in Israel are all either Uncle Toms or closet Zionists.


Fact: Israel has several Arab political parties with the same rights as non-Arab or Jewish parties.

Zionoid: These parties are all either Zionist Arab parties or Uncle Toms to the Palestinian cause.


Fact: The Israeli judiciary is free from political control, unlike virtually every Arab judiciary (as well as other Muslim judiciaries). In addition, the Supreme Court is also independent of both the state and the Israeli military.

Zionoid: They may be 'free' in a superficial sense, but that's only because their support for Zionism, and the Israeli state, is absolute.


Fact: Israel awarded its top literary prize to the Arab Muslim Emile Habibi in 1986.

Zionoid: Emile Habibi is either an Uncle Tom to the Palestinian Cause or an outright Zionist. In addition, the award was just a gimmick to show the rest of the world how non-racist Israel is.


Fact: Many road signs in Israel are in both Arabic and Hebrew.

Zionoid: This is to supply Arabs with the false impression that they are true citizens of Israel; whereas Arabic signs hardly amount to real equality and real citizenship.


Fact: Hebrew or Jewish newspapers not only criticise the Israeli Government on a frequent basis, but they also do so on its attitude towards the Palestinians, etc. One paper has written that 'the Zionist adventure has been a total failure'.

Zionoid: These newspapers don't have any affect on the Israeli government or the general commitment to Zionism. They also give people the false impression that real democracy and freedom is thriving in Israel.


Fact: Israeli Jews come in all colours. There are black Jews (many from Ethiopia - the Falashas), brown Jews, etc. Over and above the non-white Jews who constitute the majority of Jews in Israel, there are many non-white, but also non-Jewish, Israeli citizens, ranging from Bosnians, Americans, Arab Christians, to Vietnamese.

Zionoid: All these non-white 'Jews' are Uncle Toms. Some paint themselves black, brown, etc.for the cameras. In any case, they're all still Zionists.


Fact: Any person can become a citizen of Israel without having to convert to Judaism, etc. This is even the case with Arabs and Muslims. This is not via the Law of Return of course (how could it be?), but it is part of a legitimate and real naturalisation process.

Zionoid: If someone becomes a citizen of Israel, he or she affectively become a Zionist or are at least implicitly commit themselves to Zionism.


Fact: Arabic Christians are migrating in large numbers to Israel. They are not migrating to any Arab Muslim country.

Zionoid: They are doing so to take their place in the battalions of the Zionist-Crusader Invaders. They don't migrate to Muslim countries because they are deeply Islamophobic.


Fact: Israel is a state for Jews (and others) - not a Jewish state (as Pakistan was a state for Muslims, not an Islamic state - at least in 1947). It is largely secular and democratic in nature. Pakistan, Sudan, Iran, etc. are explicitly Islamic states. Even Muslim, rather than Islamic, states are extremely intolerant of other religions and heavily discriminate against all religious minorities (including Muslims - such as the Ahmadiyya in Pakistan, the Shiites in Saudi Arabia, the Shiites in Pakistan, etc.). Hamas has explicitly stated that it wants to turn Gaza, the West Bank and, in fact, the whole of Israel, into an Islamic state. And take the case of Muslim Jordan. This state also has a Law of Return which offers citizenship 'to any person who was not Jewish'.

Zionoid: So-called 'liberal secular democracy' is Jewish in nature. Even if they claim that the state 'isn't Jewish' - Jews still have all the real power.


Fact: Arabs have had positions in the Knesset. They have served in the Cabinet, had top-level ministerial posts and served in the Supreme Court.

Zionoid: They are all either Uncle Toms or Zionists, even if Arab Muslims. They very fact that they serve in the Israeli Government shows that they are Zionists. The ones who serve in the Supreme Court are simply Uncle Toms.



Not even the Zionoid conspiracy-theory-ridden 'answers' to them really matter.

The Left, for example, would still be against Israel if it were not an 'apartheid state' because Israel would still be a 'capitalist' liberal democracy.

It would still be against Israel even if it were completely independent of the Great Satan, the US. It would still be a capitalist liberal democracy.

It would still be against Israel even if there were no problems with the Palestinians. It would still be a capitalist liberal democracy, etc.

It would be so because it is against Israel's 'capitalist state' for the same reasons it is against the UK state. The German state. The French state. The Swedish State. The Italian State... Basically every state in Europe in Europe and beyond.

It is not as fervently against Islamic states because they are brown and exotic and therefore Oppressed; even if they are capitalist and oppressors themselves. It is, however, against the Muslim Arab states which are too 'capitalist', or pro-US, or not obsessive enough about exterminating Israel.

Islamists and Muslims, on the other hand, would still be against Israel if it were not an 'apartheid state' (which it isn't), or a 'Nazi state' (which they have otherwise favoured - both historically and today), or even if there were no conflict with Palestinians. Why? Because the Jewish Entity would still be on 'sacred Islam territory' (Islamic Wafq). Worse than that. It would still be the case that Jews (whom Muslims have hated for over a thousand years, and whom every Islamist hates today) are still in sacred Islamic land. Indeed, as the Grand Nazi-supporting Mufti of Jerusalem (therefore of Palestine) more or less said:

Muslims should not tolerate a single Jew on sacred Islamic land. Let alone a Jewish Entity.

Leftist Word-Weapons Against Israel's Existence

So these terms, 'apartheid', 'Zio-Nazi', 'racist state', etc. are all just word-weapons used by Far Leftists and Islamists to contribute to the extermination of Israel - that 'illegitimate entity' (as Birmingham University's Sue Blackwell put it).

I don't believe that Leftists even believe that these accusations are true. At least not Leftist/Trot/Communist leaders and theorists. Incidentally, I'm pretty sure that Chomsky can take credit for penning at least one of these terms, such as 'Israeli apartheid', the Israeli 'Nazi state', which he also calls the US state, etc. It is definitely the case with 'Israeli Bantustans'. )

The point is that these words do the business. They work for the Leftist and the Islamist cause - the annihilation of Israel. It doesn't matter if they aren't true.

Take another example. It doesn't matter if the many Der Stürmer-like cartoons of Israeli soldiers killing utterly innocent Palestinians are all portrayed as white when most Israelis aren't white. As long as these Nazi associations do the business.

It doesn't matter that when Weyman Bennett (of the UK's 'anti-racist' SWP/UAF) said that all Israelis (Jews) 'should go back to New York', that only a tiny minority of Israelis came from New York. (850,000 or more were forced out of Arab countries post-1948. Before that, many other Jews were forced out of Arab Countries too. This is also to forget the Jews from Russia, Eastern Europe, Ethiopia, etc.) But all that didn't matter to Weyman Bennett. What mattered to him was the image he was trying to foster of an Israel made up entirely of white 'racist' Jews from New York. Only that image would help the SWP cause - the destruction of the Jewish Entity, Israel.


Paul Austin Murphy lives in Birmingham England and frequently writes on aspects of Islam.

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