by Douglas Murray

EVENTS in the Middle East today have repercussions on the streets of Britain and Europe.

burning israeli flag
Those who lazily blame Israel for the problems in the Middle East are deluded (Ruetters)

Jews are attacked here in Britain, they are blockaded into a synagogue in Paris and the chant 'Death to the Jews' is heard in Germany for the first time in 70 years.

But too few people seem to want to notice this or admit what it means. They think this is just about Israel, or just about Jewish people. It isn't. It is about all of us.

The decision last month by the Israeli government to respond to Hamas rocket-fire from Gaza is the response any government would choose if rockets were fired at its citizens. The Israeli government has the right - as does any government - to stop the bombarding of its people.

However, in recent weeks it has become plain that much of the world expects a different response from Israel. They expect Israel not to fight for the safety, security and survival of their people, but to lie down in front of the Islamic extremist enemy.

The UK government has even - disgracefully - stopped selling some arms to Israel just when the country needs such weapons most. But in expecting Israel to behave differently from the rest of us our societies and governments reveal far more about our own state than the State of Israel.

Because the truth is that behind the demands for Israel to lie down in front of its enemies is a fatal unwillingness of our own to face the problem which is in our midst.

foley beheading
The brutal murder of James Foley by ISIS underlines the real threat to world peace (AP)

There are those who think that Israel is somehow the cause of the world's problems, or that in defending themselves from Islamic extremists Israel is somehow causing Islamic extremism. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The extremists of Hamas are the ideological bedfellows of the extremists of ISIS who are rampaging through Syria and Iraq, crucifying and beheading as they go.

The video of the apparent beheading of American journalist James Foley by an ISIS murderer with a British accent has shocked the world. ISIS or IS are the soul-mates of Boko Haram who kidnap and kill Christian villagers in the North of Nigeria and stole 300 schoolgirls earlier this year.

They also share the exact same ideology — if not yet the same means — as those people who were found in Birmingham earlier this year teaching British pupils to hate wider British society and cut themselves off from non-Muslims.

But it is this last part of the equation which many people seem so incapable of dealing with. They see the millions of Muslims who have come to our continent and see how many of them are radical. But it is a problem they fear they cannot deal with.

roadside executions
ISIS militants in Salaheddin, Iraq, brutally execute dozens of civilians by the roadside (AFP)

They believe that if Israel just gave up fighting and disappeared that the rest of us would be able to live in peace. They see the young Muslims who stormed into a supermarket in Birmingham last weekend, trashing the products and assaulting a British policeman and they think "this is caused by Israel."

They see young Parisian Muslims throw slabs of concrete at police and set fire to cars and they think "If only Israel weren't responding to Hamas rocket-fire." And they see Imams in Germany and Italy preach that all Jewish people must be killed and they pretend that it is not a problem for all of us.

How wrong they are. The problem of anti-Semitism, and Islamic anti-Semitism in particular today, is undoubtedly a problem for Jewish people. But it is only a problem for them first. It is a problem for all of us next.

What is it that lies behind this terrible Hamas-driven rage against Israel? What lies behind the desire for Israel to disappear? Today the world is finding out.

Because behind the flags of Hamas and Hezbollah which have flown at anti-Israel demonstrations in recent weeks is another flag. The black flag of jihad — the black flag most recently being waved in Iraq and Syria by ISIS.

ISIS jihadists flying the black flag in Syria (Reuters)
ISIS jihadists flying the black flag in Syria (Reuters)

Last month the black flag was flown from a car in London's Blackwall tunnel as East End Muslims blocked the traffic. At the entrance to a council estate in East London earlier this month there were anti-Israel banners and Palestinian flags. And then, on top of the lot, the black flag of jihad was flown. In Oxford Street last week Islamic extremists set up stall to try to recruit people to rally around the black flag of ISIS.

The black flag is not about Jewish people. Today in Iraq and Syria it is about Christians who ISIS is forcing to convert to Islam at gunpoint or face beheading. Many Christians are being killed by ISIS for refusing to renounce their faith. On some occasions Christians have tried to save their lives by "converting" at gunpoint and ISIS have killed them anyway.

And this is not only about Christians. It is also about other minority faiths in Islamist dominated countries. In Iraq it is also about the Yazidis, the Mandeans and other ancient beliefs which predate Islam.

The ambition of the jihadists — from al-Qaeda to Hamas, Hezbollah, Boko Haram and more — is to subjugate the entire world.

It is now the duty of all decent people — including decent Muslims — to turn on these barbarians and make it clear they will not win.

Rather than offer up beleaguered Israel we should send another message. That the extremists will not win in their desire to take over Israel anymore than they will win in their stated desire to raise the black flag of jihad over Rome, Washington, Downing Street and Buckingham Palace.

Israel is not the cause of the world's problems. It is simply on the front line of them.

But increasingly so are we all. And if we abandon Israel today then one day — too late — we will realise that in fact what we abandoned was ourselves.


Some of the comments that added useful information.


The aim of mouselims is to subjugate the whole world. Their war is not only against Jews or Christians but against Hindus, Budhists, Sikhs,Yezidis, Ahmedis. You name any community any where in the world, you will find mouselims in conflict with it and are most cruel in their actions.


The problem is Islam itself and its desire to conquer the world. Hamas, Boko Haram, ISIS, Al Qaeda all follow the texts of the same book, the Koran, which encourages Muslims to wage war or jihad against non-Muslims, indeed anyone who they consider infidels, and infidels are seen as inferior beings, to be treated as they see fit, and the Jihad reached as far as Vienna in 1529 and 1683 and conquered the Iberian Peninsular before being driven back over a period of 770 years. Failure back then would have destroyed Western Civilization as we know it. Sunni Muslims, which ISIS, Boko Haram and Al Qaeda are, consider Shia Muslims as infidels, hence the fact that ISIS butcher Shias and find themselves up against Hezbollah. In Islamic teachings, once a land has been conquered by Islam, then it is considered Islamic for all time, and if it is lost, like Spain and Israel, it should be re-conquered. And when it comes to Europeans and even Americans libelling Israel, the main culprits are Europe's and America's Muslim population, plus the bitter antisemites, and the moral cowards, who include press and media figures and politicians amongst their ranks who believe that if they libel Israel, that will curry favour in the Islamic world. The moral cowards are wrong, and it is time they realised that Israel's enemies are also our enemies. If we fought World War II like we expect the Israelis to fight Hamas, we'd have been conquered in 1940.


Douglas Murray is exceptional for his moral clarity. Many Europeans libel Israel for three reasons:

1) to pretend that the Europeans and Christianity are morally superior to Israel, Jews and Judaism when, in fact, no country surpasses Jews and Israel for ethical and moral conduct vis-a-vis minorities, women or war, holding circumstances constant
2) to absolve themselves of their great grandparents' culpability or complicity in the Holocaust or confiscation of Jewish property

3) to use the indigenous, returned Jews of of Israel confronting Arab colonialism and imperialism that has destroyed dozens of cultures around the Middle East as a stand-in for European colonialist guilt--this is the trendy politics of the Left (oh, I'm so guilty, now blame the Jews)


Its a terrible shame that so many are not educated or purely ignorant of the facts. Even more important is that the article is not so much about Gaza as it is about the threat to the world by extremist terrorists who claim to be following Islam. Isis is a threat to the world and needs to be destroyed and anyone who supports Isis should have the same fate as what Isis has done to others.


I can honestly say without a single doubt that I truly loath the people who have done this to my country. I would dearly love to see every last one of them swing for their crimes. I could never understand how they can't see it, see what is happening to our cities, our streets, our schools, our society, our once great country.

But now I know they did see it, they knew all along but have made secret deals with middle eastern luminaries and multi billionairs, presidents and ex presidents. The deals I believe have included vast amounts of money changing hands so as they get the nod that they will fill our western democracies with rabid Jew and west hating Muslims. The purpose of this isn't clear, if at all it ever even happened. But I believe this isn't far from the truth. Why else would our leaders over decades promote Islam as the religion of peace and promote the mass immigration of that vile ideological hate cult in to respective countries? None of it makes any sense I know. Our leaders are far from stupid and they have eyes and ears much like the rest of us. So why are they so out of touch and detached from the reality? I believe and so do many more hundreds of thousands of people in the UK, that a deal was made and politicians became very rich to turn the other cheek and even promote mass immigration of Muslims, terrorists and war criminals in the UK. They have also manipulated the media into vilifying them who have took the opposing views and branded anyone as racist, bigoted and xenophobic for being patriotic about their own country. Patriotism and nationalism is now almost a crime in the UK and vilified as racist at any social occasion. This BBC has had a a hand in the mass brain washing of a whole nation into thinking anything not left is very bad and racist.

Tony Blair really is the enemy of the state of Britain and should be treated as such. He is the main orchestrater of the destruction of this once great nation. Cameron, who is quite possibly the weakest, most laughable empty vessel of a leader this country has ever produced and is a student of Blair, even though he's supposed to be conservative.

I dearly love my country and want to defend it. The problem is that our government will target the indigenous people everytime they raise their heads and brand them as far right fascists and neo nazis while they ignore the Islamists who have paraded their open hatred of the west and these lands for 3 decades.

Non of it adds up, it doesn't make any sense whatsoever and never has. That's why I believe we're heading for civil war. It'll be interesting to see who the government supports, the Islamists or the British people.

We will win and then we will remove the quisling government by force, the sycophants of Islam, the apologists, the anti British establishment will be charged en masse for treason. Every single Muslim in this land should be rounded up and sent out of these lands regardless of place of birth. They are the enemy of this country and we can't tell who's who, so they all have to go, no ifs, no buts gone.

I know and appreciate most will call this a racist post. But this is the only sure way of protecting our country from this cancerous cult of death.


Why are we blaming isis when this is strictly a muslim issue. Isis is a recent phenomenon, muslim has caused world issues for centuries. Britain is being eroded form within, thanks to its last 25 year policy makers. It would seem that the politicians have an agenda to outbreed the true Brits. Immigration needs to stop and most of these people need deported! forget the muslim financial bonds that Britain is buying, stop the greed and give us BRITAIN BACK. What is the queen saying about all this?


The day after the jewish state was formed ? they were attacked by palistine ? so who started that conflict ? in the war that will come ? just how do you tell who is a jihadist ? when they all dress the same ? and shout look world you are killing civilians ? really ? the same civilian who just 24 horse earlier ? had a AK 47 in his hand ? and now sits in a hospital with his wife dying , his children dying ? claiming to be ? peacefull ? they know how to play the media game ? THE WAR ON THE STREETS OF THE UK WILL COME ? 2 MILLION HERE , HOW DO YOU TELL THE GOOD FROM THE BAD ? WHEN THEY CUT OFF YOUR HEAD ? SORRY BY THEN WE ARE ALL TO LATE ?

Hadas Dinar-Poole

milly jones - my husband is an Englishman. I always ask him - why are the British people letting all these muslims cause havoc and mayham in the streets of London, Manchester etc.? Why are you letting them have mosques and Halal foods and Sharyia law?? Why are you sitting not doing a thing as a nation, not demonstrating in the streets, not demanding your government for some real action before it is too late? Why are they allowed to speak Arabic - when they curse you and brainwash their kids against you in a language a proper Brit cannot understand?

They want to be muslim? Why can't they pray in English so everyone will know exactly the evil messages they are plotting against the west (like we in Israel know already)? My husband told me not once and not twice that in UK it is forbidden to say anything against any minority because you'll be accused of racism, he told me that in schools they do not teach about some British and English historical facts and people in order not to offend any minority and alter it in order to be politically correct.

The police has no force, they just stand there and do nothing when a muslim crowd goes wild and angry, but they arrest English ppl for saying anything to any minority/muslim back. I have spokewn to him a lot about this, have told him he, his family, his friends and all the Brits should grow balls again, because patriotism isn't a bad word.

Being proud of who you are and who you come from, remembering and honoring and respecting your past and heritage is only a good thing. I wish only the best will come out of this horror - that the English people and the British nation will be proud again and rise up to its enemies for your freedom and the freedom of the western civilization and the entire world.


Answer this question. If Israel as a country didn't exist would the Jihadist be western loving people


Islam is not a religion it is a barbaric ideology that can only operate in a democratic system and can get away with using the racist card of anti Islam. In the Arab World thousands are slaughtered by Muslims in the name of Islam daily or is it only okay if Muslims kill Muslims perhaps it may be something to do with Hallal where only they can slaughter each other. 170,000 in Syria in the last 3 years not to mention Iraq Libya Lebanon Iran Sudan Yemen Egypt.


There is no different between Hamas and IS. They all have the same belief and the behavior pattern which are the source of their religion. JIHAD is the name for their religion war; it concerns anyone who isn't Muslim!! They are fully motivated to enforce Islam everywhere by all means, not hesitating in vicious threats including acts of violence and cruelty. they are merciless with their their co-religionists let alone with people that aren't Muslims, especially Christian ; Muslims treat Christian as their worst enemy (even more than Jews) according to Muslim belief Christian are blasphemers and they are condemned to Hell. Don't be naïve! The west, especially Europe should wake up before it will be too late!! Liel

The sooner the world takes a consolidated stand against the ISIS the better. As an Israeli, I can share the way I see things, somehow, in a very strange way, the human rights organization worldwide rather to condemn Israel in any given chance they can acheive, they will blame Israel while in Syria more than 191,000 human beings have died due to a relentless and ruthless tyrant, while in Iraq a dreadful and gruesome radical Islamic terror organization is overawing and terrorizing helpless minorities while "justifying" their brutal acts of terrorism in the name of Islam, in an indefatigable cruelty they behead the so called "ransoms" and those who are not willing to convert to Islam, an ignominious massacre is currently being occured by the ISIS in the innocent Yazidis, women are being raped and defiled everyday in the name of Allah, this is the situation in Iraq nowadays, a godforsaken land, which is now again given in the hands of those who wish to generate and bequeath a total chaos and atrocities.

And yet, the world would still like to deepen in the Israeli-Palesti­nian saga, unfortunately, in the very last battle, which sadly is still overflows to our daily life, Israel found itself stranded and isolated, since when it became legitimate to actually conduct negotiations for cease-fires with terror organizations, especially when you can't confide those terror organizations which insisted throughout history to violate agreements over and over again, since when a country which is given for over a decade under the threat of unremitting missiles should be criticised for protecting its civilians who live in fear, how come that the world isn't willing to point the finger in the side which is really the one to be blamed, the side who only cares about annihilating the other, to destroy and deprave, the side who is so blinded with hatred that it can't see its people suffering, that very side who wouldn't mind to conceal weapons in a private house, school or a hospital.

This side is Hamas, the real threat, those terror organizations won't cease to exist after the extermination of Israel, the values of hatred, violence and death are embedded in their way of life, Israel is just another obstacle, there many other obstacles in the way, but the only thing which can be promised that the unceasing chaos will continue afterwards as well.


@Liel---For myself as a Englishman and a person who comes from a family who's roots go back as far as can be recorded in Britain's history, I feel very supportive of Israel's position and what they are facing.--I do not personally know any Israeli's or Jewish people.--But I do have to live in a country where the people and ethnic nationalities who oppose your people are becoming a serious threat to our people, and our own English way of life.--But also a further and more serious blow to our national safety and security is the absolute fact that our own government and many political identities are surrendering our people to the mercy of the hordes of hostile Muslim immigrants who now fill positions of power and influence thanks to the traitors we allowed to govern us.--No one ever thought that we British would be brought down and meekly rolled over to a foreign and very much unwelcome horde of backward immigrants.--Th­e realisation as now clearly hit the British people squarely between the eye's that we cannot expect the present layer of cowardly politicians to defend us, so there is a Tsunami of anger and frustration building up that will hopefully release it's self with the installation of a patriotic and pro British political change at the next General Election.--Do not be surprised if Mr Cameron is forced to resign because he and the other present leaders are detested and reviled throughout the land.--There is definitely a change in the air.


Unfortunately mainly for you and other Europeans who are not willing to accept the Islam or to be forced to accept the Islam it seems like the problem is only getting bigger and soon its scale will be enormous. Most Europeans are trying to be perceived as very broad-minded and enlightened, while showing they are accepting the others, but the problem starts when the other side which is virtually a "guest" in your country is starting to force himself on you, first it's a demand to establish mosques in the city, then you suddenly starting to see women with burqas roaming on the streets, something you haven't seen before, afterwards the crimes begin, they proclaim that they are being neglected by the country, that the authorities are unjustly harassing them, then the crimes begin, the incitement against those people who actually welcomed them in their countries is gaining momentum.

You see the Islamic immigration rapidly spreading, you can sense how those countries who accepted the immigrants have changed mainly in the culture.

Now don't take me wrong here, I myself is living in a country which has a significant percentage of Arabs both Muslims are Christians, some of them are nice and some are not, this is not the problem here, the problem here is that if we won't wake up, and especially the European countries where the spreading of the Islam is befalling faster we will eventually find ourselves under a Shari'a Islamic state, where we will be required to obey the Islamic rules, I would not like to see and experience this scenario come to life.

So here in Israel this problem is less urgent and realistic since the birth rates among the Arab women is decreasing due to the fact that Arab women are exposed more to education and careers. In Europe though, the story is different, since the birth rates among the Muslims immigrants in Europe is way bigger than the birth rates of the Europeans themselves, and if this situation won't change soon you will probably find yourself given to the rules of the Islamic religion.


I am missing any comment on Qatar - which funds Hamas, Hezbollah and ISIS (and payed its way to white-wash its hands off it with the world cup hosting). ALSO, Iran - a great threat that also funds Hamas, ISIS, and threatens to eliminate Israel (using its 'peaceful' nuclear program). A time will come when the west will have to decide - it is a 'us or them' dilemma - either the west surrenders and disappears, or it fights brutally, democracy and humane values aside, and f-in' gets this over with once and for all.

1 more thing - Britain already had one neville chamberlain. Do NOT repeat the same mistake twice...


where are all the moderate muslims, their silence is deafening, as is warzi and the muslim labour mp who led the protesters at sainsburys i think it was demanding they stop selling israeli goods. All the more reason to buy them. surely it is now time for the british government to clamp down on the jihadists in this country, they know who they are because they were actually recruiting people on the streets in london , and nothing was done. But if I had protested against them, who would have been arrested, yes I would, and dont forget the lady who was arrested in downing street because she was naming the dead soldiers in the Iraq war. It is time the tables are turned.

Bakbuk Gadol

In 1899,WLS Churchill put it rather well. He wrote:

How dreadful are the curses which Mohammedanism lays on its votaries! Besides the fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia in a dog, there is this fearful fatalistic apathy. The effects are apparent in many countries. Improvident habits, slovenly systems of agriculture, sluggish methods of commerce, and insecurity of property exist wherever the followers of the Prophet rule or live.

A degraded sensualism deprives this life of its grace and refinement; the next of its dignity and sanctity. The fact that in Mohammedan law every woman must belong to some man as his absolute property either as a child, a wife, or a concubine, must delay the final extinction of slavery until the faith of Islam has ceased to be a great power among men.

Individual Moslems may show splendid qualities, but the influence of the religion paralyses the social development of those who follow it. No stronger retrograde force exists in the world. Far from being moribund, Mohammedanism is a militant and proselytizing faith. It has already spread throughout Central Africa, raising fearless warriors at every step; and were it not that Christianity is sheltered in the strong arms of science, the science against which it has vainly struggled, the civilization of modern Europe might fall, as fell the civilization of ancient Rome.



A few Muslims in a large nation of non-Muslims will work well and toe the line according to the laws of their chosen abode, but when there are sufficient numbers to give them courage, they will challenge the indigenous population in a bitter struggle to take over.


You are very confused about self-defence. Self defence is defending yourself against those attacking you, not killing others who posed no threat. Under international law, you are always permitted to attack military targets even if that also kills civilians including children or whoever as long as there was no reasonable way of avoiding it without sacrificing the military goals. So, Hamas firing rockets IS NOT SELF DEFENCE. It's attacking civilians who posed no threat. Hamas attacking soldiers would be, though the soldiers would not be there if it was not for Hamas attacks against civilians.

Israel attacking Hamas IS SELF DEFENCE as is every civilian death Israel caused because there was no other way to defend Israel's citizens and soldiers against Hamas attacks. IRA attacking UK soldiers could be considered self-defence if those soldiers were taking part in hostilities (though they can't complain when the UK then defends itself also). IRA attacking London and civilian buildings is not.

Yes, saying killing children is okay if it is unavoidable is harsh, despicable, upsetting and shocking. But that's not me, it's war. War is barbaric. In the end of the day, everybody needs to decide if they are a pacifist or not. Pacifists cannot accept war even if not fighting back means dying themselves because defending oneself almost always kills children and others. Non-pacifists however do not believe the sanctity of civilian lives of hostile civilian populations means they have to die in their place.

Hadas Dinar-Poole

durag - if you have never been in israel and only know about it from what you heard in the media then you have no right to lecture us in israel - while we are under ongoing fire and being targeted at least 100-200 times a day every day by Hamas terrorism - that we do anything wrong. come to visit the southern cities, villages and KIbbutzim near Gaza, speak to people who suffer this every single day, visit our hospitals to see how many Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese are being given medical care (which they would have never been given in their home lands) - from our israeli tax money. Only then you can have a based opinion, made by hearing the israeli side as well.

I'm sick and tired from people watching tv and thinking how horrible israel is. I'm sick and tired of Europeans and British people having double standards - when they boycott Israel they should all - one by one - boycott themselves first.

Ruth K

As an Israeli who live this conflict on a daily basis, I promise you, we are a country of peace! We don't want this war, we don't want to fight the palestinians, because they're not our enemy. The enemy is the Hamas, and all of the terror organizations. They are the cancer of the middle east. Believe me, our soldiers would love to sit in their room and watch Game Of Thrones and fart a lot, like every other avarage 18 year old kids; but they can't, because they have no choice, because if they don't protect their country - The amount of deaths will be so high and so imbearable.

It is so easy to judge Israel when you live in your peacefull country, I suggest you to visit Sederot, a city in Israel how has to suffer from the Hamas' rockets for 14 years. Just imagine a 14 year old kid who lives in this city, what kind of a kid he is, what kind of an adult he's going to be. It's impossible to manage normal life when you have to run to the shelter every day, so many times a day, and you have only 15 seconds to do that.

It's not a compatition who's more miserable, but people tend to see only the palestinian side without knowing both sides of the conflict. I just want to remind you how many innocent Israeli people died in the 90's and the early 2000's because of suicide bombers who attacked the public transportations in the country, so it really isn't a compatition who has more deaths, because both sides suffer from a huge amount of deaths during the years.

I wish there was no separation fence between us, but we can't trust them like that, I wish we could. Israel has the right to protect itself, like every other country.

The IDF is doing anything to prevent killing of innocent civiliance - they send them messeges to evacuate, shitloads of phone calls, text messeges, flayers, anything just to make sure that they won't get hurt. In fact, there are a lot of civiliance who got hurt that we take care of in our hospitals! What kind of country does that?! A moral one, I think!

So why so many people in Gaza are dying and no one's dying in the Israeli side? Simply because of the fact that we care about protecting our people, and the Hamas probably not so much.

We invest our money to build strong shelters from the attacks, we have very strict instructions what to do in case of emergency. It is so important to us and we are trying to protect ourself in the best way because it's our right. In Gaza, on the other hand, Hamas invest everything in terrorism! They make thousands of rockets and hide them and fire them from houses, schools, kindergartens, hospitals, and in this ecsact way they endanger innocent people, and literaly turn them into targets, so the media in the world will have those terrible photos of dead bodies, just so the world will see how miserable they are, and yes, they are very miserable!

It is so sad that so many people are dying becase of this stupid conflict instead of living together in peace. Somtimes I try to imagine how the middle east could look like if there was peace. What a bloody amazing huge hummus rode trip I could do, how cool could that be!...

But this is unfortunately not going to happen, not in the near future. I just want the world to know that there are so many people from both sides who want this war to stop, who want to live together, but the reality dictate other things.

Don't judge the Israeli people, we hurt with the palestinian families who lost their precious children, their loved ones, but this could never happend if the Hamas didn't start to attack. I promise you that the IDF never start to bomb targets just like that, just because they feel like it.

You know how hard it is? It is so hard when people you don't even know calling you a terrorist and nazi when you never killed anyone in your life. It is so hard when you travel abroad and when people ask you where you're from, you're scared to say that you're from Israel because you don't know their opinions and you don't even want to start a political discassion, not to mention the fact that most of us scarred to speak hebrew in public places, to wear any jewish symbol, just because of the huge anti-semitism in the world. It might sounds exaggerated, but it's not. That's how my family, my friends and I act when we're traveling abroad.

I just want this nightmare to be over, and so many Israeli people like me. This war is hard and unfair to anyone. Don't forget that Israel is only 66 years old. It's still a young country, and of course far from being perfect. Israel makes mistakes like every other country in the history, but has some great acheivements as well. There are so many inventions that came from Israel that you use in your everyday life and you didn't even know they got invested in Israel, and the world would look so different without them.

Israel is so beautiful and interesting, it has so many historic sites and outstanding landscapes, and the fact that the population is a huge mix of people from so many different ethnicities, makes this country so special. I wish more people could see that.

Just go and discover, hear both sides and what both have to tell, don't let anyone fool you, the media likes to represent the side that looks more photogenic to their camera. If you really want to know the real story, come here, experiance it.

Sorry about my english, it's not my first language. - Ruth,

Mr. Billy

The Jihadis have got puppets like you right where they want them. If you're not in the habit of condemning all of the other unspeakable abominations happening worldwide as we speak then you're just a hypocrite with an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder against Israel.

Israel DOES NOT deliberately kill innocents. That's what Jihadis do, and by thousands. It's also what large and countries who are immune to UN criticism do, such as Britain, the US, Russia, etc. How much noise did you ever make about US drone strikes taking out entire villages in Afghanistan? I thought so.

Listen Mr. Durag, and listen good! You are an INFIDEL. All of your nearest and dearest are infidels. If ISIS ever got hold of your sister, your wife, your aunt or your mother, they're rape them while you were watching and then behead you with a blunt knife. After you're gone, they'll take your female and "circumcise" her. Know what that means? Yup. You guessed it. They'll slice off her clitoris, without any sedative or course, so she becomes the true living and breathing blow-up doll that Islamists dream of in their perverse fantasies.

Hamas is a clone of ISIS. They'd do the same if they had the

chance. Innocents in Gaza get killed because Hamas lines them up like ducks in a shooting gallery for exactly that purpose. Israel has the most morally upstanding army the world has ever seen, and yet all other genocides and war crimes are ignored by hypocrites like you, who put the microscope on Israel and condemn her for the most minimal collateral damage possible in any war.

Have you ever condemned Hamas for firing rockets at Israeli civilians or sending hit squads through attack tunnels to murder Israeli children in their beds? Of course not, because you've got anti-Israel OCD. Everything Hamas does is a war crime or crime against humanity, but you totally ignore it. Everything Israel does is within the limits of what's permitted by International Law and comes nowhere near the what other, larger countries do in similar circumstances, but yet you focus on condemning her only.

The bottom line is, Mr. Durag, that you're demanding of Israel what you would never, ever demand of yourself in similar circumstances. You and all of the rest of your moralistic do-good Israel-bashing friends wouldn't know which end of a gun the bullet comes out of, and yet you're sure you can offer Israel expert advice on all the strategies and tactics required to deal with Hamas terror, but of course without harming any innocents. The Islamists have got clueless moralistic "useful idiot" puppets like you exactly where they want them. When you've outlived your usefulness in providing them with the required Pavlovian knee-jerk reflex against Israel, they'll do to you exactly what they did to the Yazidi Kurds. Know who they are? Or are you too busy Israel-bashing to read about the genocide they're going through as we speak.


I've thought for a long time now that the muslim has no place in British society, even though those thoughts open me to charges of religious hatred and anti-semetism. Yet in my defense I will say this. Our own government takes the muslim side time and again, as does the anti white-British BBC, a blatantly left leaning broadcaster, supported 100% by the public purse, both denying the same privilege offered to muslims to all other faiths, notably with their blatant anti-Christian stance. Whereas the muslim is free to publicly express hatred of all other religions while our woeful police 'service' stands by and allows this to happen, I would be arrested for shouting the same vitriolic hatred of anything relating to the muslim religious cult. When they find they can't breed us out of existence as they are trying now, the muslim extremist will turn to weapons to kill us on our own streets. Don't think this religious war will stay in the Middle East. It's already here as can be seen yesterday when a muslim Labour mp stood shoulder to shoulder with extremists and destroyed Kosher products.

Muslim extremists are a worse threat than the BNP ever were, but government runs scared from them, and in the end this government cowardice will hit us all between the eyes. Don't forget, to them, there is only one true religion, all else are classed as non-believers or infidels, worthy only of death.

Douglas Murray is the Associate Director at the Henry Jackson Society. This article was published August 21, 2014 in the Express (UK) and is archived at

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