by Zvi November

During the 1940s the American perspective regarding the WWII campaign against Japan in the Far East was unambiguous: Japan was the aggressor and the Pacific war's conclusion required Japan's unconditional surrender. Total Japanese capitulation was followed by the US occupation of Japan that included the execution of war criminals and the imposition of a US style political order.

Now contrast this with Israel's stupendous failure to explain her legitimate rights, the justice of her cause and rebut the outright lies Arabs have succeeded in spreading worldwide. Israeli leaders have rarely, if ever, placed full criminal responsibility on Arab aggressors and their terror war against the Jewish state. No Israeli government official who has met with Arab/Palestinian negotiators has ever declared that a just solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict requires full monetary compensation for the 780,000 Jews who were persecuted and driven out of Arab countries during the 1947-49 period.

Israeli leftists and ministry of foreign affairs spokespersons babble about "disputed territories" when they should claim sovereignty over Judea and Samaria as well as Aza (Gaza); territories that legally belong to the Jewish people and Israel.

Arabs created the 'Palestinian refugee' problem as a tool to use against Israel. Therefore, any resolution to the conflict must be preceded by the absorption of refugees, their children and grandchildren in Arab countries. This would parallel the absorption of Jewish refugees that Israel undertook starting in 1948.

Israeli negotiators, if they were truly self-respecting representatives of the Jewish nation, would demand the immediate cessation of all anti-Israel and anti-Semitic libels and propaganda as extensively documented by MEMRI (Middle East Media Research Institute) and the Palestinian Media Watch. Unlike normal people, Israeli "peace" addicts don't recognize an insult when it smacks them in their face. And Israeli representatives should demand the abolition of the Palestinian and Arab boycott of Israeli products before negotiations begin.

The "Palestinians" (i.e. Mahmoud Abbas and his entourage) actually wear three hats. They run the corrupt PA Palestinian Authority (proto government); they also operate under the PLO roof organization that includes most (except Hamas) terror groups and, thirdly, Abbas heads Fatah which is his own political party. Fatah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the various 'front' groups aligned against Israel all field guerilla militias that primarily attack Israeli civilians. Israel's official negotiators should not enter into any discussions until all these Mafia gangs are fully disarmed and disbanded. Unfortunately, Israel's government does not demand that Abbas demobilize his terror units (the al Aksa Brigades) but is actually about to release convicted murderers of innocent Jews.

The Israeli solution to the conflict is simple. Palestine already exists; it's called Jordan. Just change the name of the country and retire its illegitimate king to London where he is perfectly at home. Arabs/Palestinians living in Judea and Samaria can then be given back their Jordanian (i.e. Palestinian) citizenship that was arbitrarily taken from them by King Hussein in 1988. This, unfortunately, is NOT the position taken by Israel's defeatist government.

Israeli negotiators don't evince enough self-respect to make a loud and clear declaration of Israel's national interests. Instead, negotiations are almost exclusively based on the false Palestinian narrative. Of course no Arab or Palestinian would ever agree to relate to Israel's rights and demands so why even raise these issues. Pro-"peace' proponents are in denial.

So in conclusion, the negotiations that are about to begin in Washington are really about shrinking Israel and making her more vulnerable for the next round of hostilities. Consequently, the current status quo is actually in Israel's favor. Indeed, time is on Israel's side though Israeli "thinkers" claim the opposite is true. It is about time that the Israeli government should promote its own program of national objectives, not one of which is anti-Arab or threatening to "Palestinians".

But, I am only dreaming. The forces at large (Israel's leftist establishment, the US State Department, the EU, UN and dozens of NGOs) are all working hard to advance the national suicide process instead of raising the 'Jordan is Palestine' banner.

Tsvi November was born in Brooklyn NY and has lived in Israel since 1969. He has worked as teacher, youth counselor, probation officer and employment advisor. He has a degree in social anthropology and has written on the inherent contradictions of Israel, "a complex nation-state whose five or more populations disagree on almost every issue." His book, "Israel in Reality," was published by Trafford in 1970; it is available at, Barnes and Nobel ( and Amazon ( Contact him at This article was submitted July 22, 2013.

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