by Victor Sharpe

In 2006, when I first published Volume One of my trilogy, Politicide: The attempted murder of the Jewish state (see here), I wrote the following in the foreword:

"The Israeli government of Ariel Sharon from 2004 onwards is increasingly criticized, especially over what became known as the "disengagement plan," a euphemism for unilateral retreat from Gaza and a course of action, which already has had profound and dire implications for Israel's survival.

"With Ariel Sharon in a coma after suffering a massive stroke, his successor, Ehud Olmert, is still considering a suicidal policy of retreat from Judea and Samaria (the West Bank) under a new euphemism - the 'convergence plan.'

"If this policy is not reconsidered, in the face of continuing and relentless Arab and Islamist aggression, it will force hundreds of thousands of Jewish men, women and children from their homes and land in what is their Biblical and ancestral Jewish homeland.

"The territory will inevitably fall into the hands of a Hamas regime controlling the so-called Palestinian Authority and backed by the totalitarian Islamic nightmare that is Iran. It will also become a new base for anti-Israel terror on a massive scale just as has happened in Gaza. Since the retreat from Gaza, southern Israeli towns and villages are daily bombarded with rockets by Palestinian terrorists.

"Yet if the Olmert government decides to forge ahead with its "convergence plan," it will result in Arab missile bombardments of Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa and the rest of central and northern Israel from the West Bank (Biblical Judea and Samaria)."

Well that was written eight years ago. Ariel Sharon passed away and Ehud Olmert left office in disgrace. But Israel has been suffering in all that time from growing aggression by a barbaric Hamas regime with non-stop missile bombardments from the Gaza Strip.

Tragically, my words back in 2006 have come true. Indeed, as I wrote, "unilateral retreat from Gaza ...has had profound and dire implications for Israel's survival."

So far, the world's intense and unrelenting pressure for Israel to repeat in Judea and Samaria (the West Bank) the same monumental error of retreat it allowed itself to foolishly create in Gaza has been resisted.

Fears that giving away the Jewish ancestral and biblical heartland of Judea and Samaria to a hostile Arab and Muslim entity would unleash, "Arab missile bombardments of Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa and the rest of central and northern Israel" have already been horribly realized.

That is already taking place daily as Hamas rockets, made in Iran and Syria, and smuggled into Gaza, have already reached Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa and much of Israel.

If Israel was forced to commit national suicide by abandoning its historic, spiritual and strategic territory - in what the world prefers to call by its Jordanian occupation name, the West Bank - and exist in a narrow waist of land, a mere nine to 15 miles wide, it would not take long for the Palestinians and the Islamo-Nazis to finish it off.

I am referring to the pre-June 5, 1967 armistice lines that existed up until Israel fought its defensive Six Day War in June, 1967, and which the late Israeli Foreign Minister, Abba Eban, had earlier called the Auschwitz lines.

For now, today's battle lines are again drawn in Gaza, that narrow finger of death pointing into the heart of Israel. But all is not well with Israel's military campaign, Operation Protective Edge, against the Muslim fanatical Hamas occupiers of the Gaza Strip.

The IDF's unparalleled moral use of leaflet, texting and phone call warnings to Gaza civilians to leave areas due to be attacked led to Palestinian human shields being ruthlessly employed by Hamas. These Islamist clones of IS delight in the gruesome hope that many in the Arab civilian population they rule over will be killed, thus giving Hamas a propaganda victory.

This predictably led to media manipulation by the Hamas terror machine and gross misrepresentation by a shamefully compliant media. As a result, it has fueled unjustified and horrific anti-Israel and anti-Semitic riots worldwide. So what must be done?

Ted Belman, writing in his blog, Israpundit (see here), is correctly blunt in advising Israel to resist either Obama administration or European Union mediation attempts for yet another ceasefire; which only results in Israel ceasing and Hamas firing. [See also the Readers' comments, especially the one by Topaz: "... only the Israeli people can stop this, they must finally march on the Knesset and demand that strong military leaders take control and end this slide to cooperation in destruction..." — BSL]

As Belman writes:

"Been there, done that. It only makes us beholden to them. And we know they are probably pressing in the UN for an Israeli withdrawal to the '67 lines.

"It is imperative for Israel to state loudly and clearly, that she will never agree to the 1967 lines even with swaps, nor negotiate so long as the EU and the US back such a solution ... we must reject borders based on '67 lines."

It is possible that Britain, the U.S. and France will bring a ceasefire resolution to the UN Security Council, demanding an Israeli retreat from its own biblical heartland, thus overturning UN Resolution 247 and rewarding Hamas for the genocidal war it has launched against the embattled Jewish state.

This will be a huge victory not only for the Hamas aggressors and perpetrators of crimes against humanity but will encourage and embolden IS and the Islamo-Nazi coalition.

World leaders who remain deplorably mute in the face of Islamic barbarism towards Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists and all non-Muslims, a 7th century horror which is growing ever stronger, will sooner or later find themselves under immediate threat.

Yet the same western leaders find time to harm only the one frontline nation, Israel, that stands as a lone bulwark for them against the Islamist menace.

Joseph Farah wrote in World Net Daily:

"Israel's military response to thousands of rocket attacks from Gaza and infiltrations by terrorists through a maze of Hamas-built tunnels has, somewhat predictably, prompted its enemies and many others around the world to demand the Jewish state stop building what they call "settlements" in areas on the West Bank of the Jordan River, or, more accurately, Judea and Samaria.

"As a former Middle East correspondent and an Arab-American, let me explain why Israel must never allow pressure from its enemies or foreigners to deter the building of "settlements" or consider ceding any more land to Palestinian Arab control.

"Israel dismantled similar "settlements" in Gaza in exchange for promises of peace. But "settlements" is a loaded word. What the world calls "settlements" are Jewish villages and towns built on historically Jewish land - territory desperately needed by Israel to protect itself from the kind of attacks being perpetrated by Palestinian Arabs in Gaza."

Israel's response to Palestinian aggression, Operation Protective Edge, began again last week after nine days of relative quiet. But it had once again been broken by Hamas, which fired as many as 86 rockets during a 24 hour period at Israeli homes and kindergartens.

But that is fewer than on some days when Hamas missile barrages totaled as many as one hundred and fifty rockets and mortars.

Victor Sharpe is a freelance writer and author of several books including "The Blue Hour", a collection of short stories, and Volumes One and Two of "Politicide: The attempted murder of the Jewish state". This article appeared August 2014 in Family Security Matters and is archived at

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