by Zeev Shemer

Countless studies corroborate the power of images on public perception, the blunt distortions created by the media editors and their reporters who crop, photoshop and alter pictures to their heart's content. The media wants the public to react in a particular manner, it is their way to mold the soft minds of the sheeple.

But sometimes, a pictures is taken and presented as is. And it speaks volumes of the state of mind of a particular person, society, or country. Two days ago, a Jew, a father of five was stabbed to death on a street corner by an Arab who he had never met before, wielding a knife, looking for a Jew to kill. After this Arab murdered this poor fellow, he engaged in a shoot out with border police officers. During the struggle, the Arab was injured and subsequently arrested.

Eviatar Borowski's son at the funeral
Eviatar Borowski's family

Most international media outfits would rather ignore such a story since it is very hard to find the right words to present the incident. The Muslims and Muslim sympathizers that diligently work for Reuters and AP would have to scramble to come up with something like: "An Arab man was seriously injured by Israeli Border Police after and incident involving a Jewish settler." Yet, the pictures that did make it to the few media outlets that reported the story revealed a sadder state of affairs. For starters, a picture of a woman and a child weeping over a coffin while many religious men and women in the background are seen accompanying the family in their grief. The picture, nothing too out of the ordinary, reflects the sense of community and collective pain over the senseless killing of a father of five.

The second picture, taken at the scene shows two Israeli soldiers carrying the Arab murderer on a stretcher. One of the soldiers holding and IV bag over the injured man.

bringing murderer to surgery
Getting the murderer to medical help

This picture speaks volumes of something dark and sinister that has plagued Israeli society as a whole. What would posses Israeli Jewish young men to provide medical help to an Arab who woke up that morning, took the biggest knife he could find and set out to kill the first Jew he encountered. This Arab monster stabbed to death a man standing at a street corner. Five children will continue to live now without their father. A Jewish woman, now a widow, had her life destroyed for no other reason than religious hatred. This Jewish woman and these Jewish children will forever know that the Arab that murdered their father in cold blood was rescued and saved by Jewish soldiers, who quickly and swiftly provided this murderer with medical care.

These soldiers have been brainwashed for so long they are convinced it is their duty to assist Arab murderers! Shimon Peres who turned 180 degrees shortly after the Yom Kippur war of 73, insisted that giving toilets and microwave ovens to Arabs would cause them to like us. So he gave and gave without limits. Today, Arabs in what thanks to Peres and his ilk is referred to as PA territory, enjoy free water, free electricity and free financial services, courtesy of Israel's taxpayers. 'Palestinians' receive free medical care in our hospitals; they are given free access and enjoy protection even as they chant 'death to Jews' and 'death to Israel'. For over forty years Israel adopted the policy of giving to Arabs unilaterally. For forty years we have been brain-washing our youth into thinking we must treat Arabs with love, respect and equality, and thus, they will respect us back, and they will love us back, and will treat us as their equals.

This pathological approach to Islamists has driven this country to a very dark place. Politicians of today continue to believe that giving in to Arab murderers is our duty. Not only deranged lunatics like Shimon Peres and Ehud Barak, but countless others are blinded by their own stupidity. Dorit Beinish and the lemming judges of Israel's Supreme Court. Tzippy Livni, Yossi Beilin, Avi Dichter, Carmi Gillon and countless others that are not fit to run a falafel stand continue to perpetuate this state of insanity that drives Israeli soldiers to act as zombies and puppets in their sick political show.

The lunatics took over the asylum. Or maybe it is I who have gone insane. What worse way to desecrate the name of God, the goodness of our country, the glory of Israel, than to capture a terrorist? Think about this for a moment: Capture a terrorist. Words that turn my stomach upside-down. And granted, there could be an exception as in the case were capturing a terrorist can lead us to information about other terrorists. But a knife-wielding Arab who seconds before killed a Jew in the street, that deserves capturing? And for what? So that he can get three meals a day, his teeth fixed, a college diploma from Open University, and shortly thereafter be released in exchange for a political concession?

3 children.
Boroski children

crowd borowski funeral.
The Borowski Funeral

It is time to clean our political and justice institutions, reform our education system and take a moment to reflect on our actions. Today thousands gathered in the center of Gaza to burn Israeli and American flags and chant for our death. 'Palestinian' leaders lauded the killer as a hero, and children were given candy to celebrate the killing of a Jewish father. Just remember that later today, they will go home and enjoy a nice warm meal, using electricity and water that we, the sheeple Jews, are paying for. But don't worry, Shimon says they will love us one day.

Ze'ev Shemer, PhD., is a writer and entrepreneur, who made aliyah in 2004. He teaches at the Western Galilee College in Akko. Contact him at This article was submitted May 1, 2013.

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