by Babu Suseelan

The free world now must face the impending questions of how to view the closed, rigid, desert dogma called Islam and its Jihad war on our civilized society. Is there any valid space for Jihad war in this high Tech society? Before the free world lid its nail on the coffins of the Jihad world, I would like to bring to you the real Islam.

Now, Muslims worldwide want to establish Dar-ul-Islam and Sharia law where all non-believers will be living as Dhimmis paying Jazia.

Throughout its history, everything Mohammedans have touched has been marred with lies, wars, tyranny, massacre, and terror. Islamic blind faiths and its cruel principles cooked up by Mohammad have violently destroyed our original ethical concepts, moral principles and social structures. In fact, Islam is not a religion, but a closed, rigid political dogma fit only for invasion, war, terrorism, plunder, sex perversion, looting, massacre, oppression, abduction, kidnapping, beheading, and cultural destruction

The blind followers of Mohammad have successfully twisted empathy, love, harmony, coexistence, pluralism and religious tolerance into submission, hatred, Jihad War and murder. The Islamic rule in conquered countries is the darkest and the most bloody ridiculous page in the history of the world. Whether it is in Egypt, Persia, India and Babylonia, Jihadist have massacred innocent free thinkers, burned all libraries, learning centers claiming falsely that "Burn all Libraries in the world, everything is in the Koran". It took several years for invading and foolish Mohammedans to completely wipe out great university libraries in Alexandria, Persia, Nalanda and Thakshasila.

Islam has been brainwashing and deceiving Arabs and Mohammedans to subdue, brainwash, indoctrinates and keeps them as slaves. At the same time, Jihad Mullahs have been creating their own system of speech and abusive language in mass criticism of infidels. Mullahs have deceived Muslims and made to speak unconsciously with thinking patterns that promote hatred, jihad terrorism and to extol Mohamed and his brand of war mongering.

Those Mohammedans who are deceived by the criminal dogma have not learned its brutal nature clearly, and free themselves from the shackles of Islam. What if Mohammedans refuse to abandon all illusion about conquering the world for Islamism? Instead of embracing a new era, democracy, freedom, peace and creative thinking why are Muslims still keeping their “frozen brains” and “addictive Thinking”.

Muslims have replaced Truth with fallacy and critical thinking with addictive thinking. Islamists have replaced democracy, coexistence, religious tolerance and pluralism in all invaded countries. And they were successful in replacing free thinking with blind faith. Traditional morality was replaced with blind Islamic principles and forced Mohammedans to destroy traditional culture. Of Course, Islam has helped deviant people like Baber, Aurangzeb, Idi Amin, Bin Laden, Colonel Khadafy, Ayatollah Khomeini, Sadam Husain and Hezbollah to gain power and contuse Islamic brutality. Islamic cultural brutality has destroyed 5000 years of of traditional culture, diminished the free will of the people, and murdered kafirs and infidels.

Islamic countries have no modern concepts of Human Rights and Civil Liberties. Its introduction into Islamic countries is patchy. Most of the Islamic countries are either one party dictatorship or traditional Islamic regimes. They enact limitations on liberty, strict control of the media and strong repression of non-believers and dissidents. Most of the Islamic countries are based on strict, traditional Islamic values and citizens can be arbiter arrested and their fate decided by Islamic judges with no training or knowledge about modern judicial system. Non-believers in Islam do not enjoy protection in Islamic countries and there is much violence against Jews, Christians, Hindus and Sikhs in Islamic countries.

There are glowing human rights violations against women in all Muslim nations. Recently, one crazy Mullah has issued a decree that Islamic men are allowed to have sex with dead women! They are cruel and vindictive, oppressive towards women and infidels. It is appalling.

In Saudi Arabia, women are treated as second class citizens and they cannot leave their homes without completely covering themselves, without the permission of their husbands, and the presence of mail relative. Those who object will be placed severe restrictions on their lives, face realistic threats or deprivation and may face severe punishment. Infidels live in constant fear, threats and arrests or unnatural deaths. Foreign professionals and workers may be detained, arrested by the Islamic police, subjected to torture, executed without a fair trial, spied upon and denied even basic rights because of their religion.

Mohammedans are absolutely ignorant of democracy, secularism, pluralism, critical thinking, logic, epistemology, philosophy and modem literature. This is a sorrowful state for the followers of the prophet of death and doom. The destruction of traditional culture in Syria, Egypt, Mesopotamia, Afghanistan, Persia and Babylonia by Islamic warriors has brought unexpected physical and psychological damage.

Traditional culture values the unity of heaven, nature and humans and harmonious co-existence between humans and nature. Islamists have declared endless joy beheading kafirs and infidels, burning libraries, kidnapping women and sexually abusing young girls and children.

Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism, Christianity or Jainism never punish dissidents and critical thinkers and they respect life, nature and free spirit. . They have produced, sustained, and promoted critical thinkers such as Arnold Toynbee, Bertrand Russell, Shakespeare, Bernard Shaw, Buber, Freud, Adler, Jung, Swami Vivekananda, Ananda Kumara Swami, Tagore, Y.B. Yeats, Descartes, Whitehead, and many poets and philosophers of world repute. In the name of Islam and Mohammad, Muslims have murdered and burned millions of people. This has led Muslims to devalue life. In Fact, Islam offers no answer such as how to expand creative thinking, art, philosophy, democracy, pluralism and harmony. Rather, Islam oppresses free-will, critical thinking, scientific thinking. The true restoration of traditional culture is what we require now for respecting life, to live harmoniously, to allow freedom, peace and enjoy life.


OUR DEMOCRATIC LEADERS should fully comprehend, admit and face up to the challenges thrown at us by militant Islamists. It is worse for democratic countries to allow Jihad intruders to dictate state policies under the threat of violence and for the government to swallow it meekly under the freedom of action. We should not allow those who do not believe in our constitution and liberty to introduce outdated sharia codes and make us unfree.

We are in the dog house of the international community mainly because of our democratic rulers refuse to accept that violence, terrorism, social conflict created by Islamists are escalating and have serious ramifications for the free world. Amazingly, militant Islamists have knocked down several social institutions. With oil money, Islamists have successfully solidified the networks with pseudo secularists, Liberals, and civil libertarians, and civil institutions. Our “Ivory Tower intellectuals” and “Freelance Writers” and Islamist academicians who receive money from oil producing countries support Jihad Muslims in the name of pluralism. They ignore the perils of pluralism and the limits of tolerance. Constant political bickering keeps liberal religious institutions, phony liberal policy makers, the leftist media, and Amnesty International from the devastating result of Jihad terrorism. Islamism destroys our social values; introduce intellectual corruption which will rip us apart.

Now think: IS THERE ANY SPACE FOR ISLAM IN THIS MODERN WORLD? If we allow Islamism to flourish in the name of freedom, such venture will spare hardly anyone and sap all freedom.There are tough decisions for any society, but most clearly, we have to make rather than surrendering to criminal Islamists. If we take drastic actions now, we will secure our future that may be less painful.

Dr. Babu Suseelan is a professor of clinical psychology and the director of a drug and alcohol treatment program in Pennsylvania. A former Muslim, he writes on the subject of Islamic terrorism and its effect on Hindu society.
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This article was submitted for publication June 8, 2012.

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