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by Emanuel A. Winston and by Nadia Matar


[Background: Because of the announced expulsion, the Palm Beach Hotel in Gush Katif stood vacant; the IDF wanted to take it over. To help fight the expulsion of the Jews from Gush Katif, a group of people moved in with the owner's permission, Nadia Matar and her family among them. They renamed the hotel, which looks out over the Mediterranian Sea, the Maoz HaYam.

In the nearby village of Muassi, an Arab and his friends had started throwing stones at some Jewish youngsters and he and other Arabs did so without IDF intervention before the Jews finally struck back. Film shows the Arab lying comatose. The Jews were promptly accused of lynching the Arab by stoning him. But film of the filmers shows that this was a media hoax, with the boy carefully arranged on a blanket by the cameraman. The Arab himself later said he was struck by a soldier not by the youngsters. Nevertheless, the media broadcast the lynching around the clock. Sharon used the 'lynching' as causus belli to empty the hotel of its residents forcibly and illegally. You will find more material on this episode by searching the June and July blog-ed pages for "maoz hayam" and "lynching." See especially, click, click, click, click, click, and click.]

The Lynch Against the Maoz HaYam Hotel by Nadia Matar

Everyone I meet asks me: "What really happened in the Maoz Yam hotel?" First, let's start with the good news: the deportation operation at the hotel proved to all the world that we have the ability to prevent the implementation of Sharon's deportation plan, if we only organize accordingly. If it is necessary to bring so many policemen and soldiers in order to remove fewer than a hundred people, the majority of whom were youth, women, and infants who did not resist, then on D-Day, when, with G-d's help, there will be tens of thousands of resolute individuals in Gush Katif and Samaria, the deportation forces simply will not be able to carry out their evil design.

And now, for the facts: when the Kela Authority (Gaza Absorption Authority), headed by Datia Yitzhaki, asked the hotel owners for permission to renovate the abandoned and rundown hotel, and fill it with new residents, as part of the renovation and populating of the abandoned houses throughout the Gush by Kela, the owners responded enthusiastically. The Ve-Yorashtem Otah ("And occupy it") association of Baruch Marzel and myself, representing the Kela Authority, received power of attorney, and were authorized for everything connected with the populating, renovation, and operation of the hotel. The conditions in the hotel were very difficult. In the first month, brave families from Samaria and Hebron lived there, together with young volunteers, without electricity and with only a bit of cold water. The Kela Authority was in charge of everything connected with the renovations, and the Ve-Yorashtem Otah association made all the arrangements for food. More and more families and singles slowly arrived from different parts of the country and learned to live together as a cohesive community.

We were aware from the beginning that the security forces planned to take over the hotel, in order to situate the deportation forces in such a strategic position (in the middle of Gush Katif, with access to the sea). They offered a fortune to the hotel owners if they would agree to lease the hotel to them. The courageous hotel owners, however, preferred to lease it to those faithful to Eretz Israel, and not to the deportation forces. The legal settlement in the hotel upset all the government's plans. Not only could they not position their headquarters there, the place was turned into a concentration of the determined opponents of the Sharon plan. The deportation forces understood that, legally, they had no possibility of expelling us from there. They were left with only a single way: initiating provocations and a campaign of delegitimation against the inhabitants of the hotel, in the hope that the latter would provide them with a pretext to take over the hotel, before anyone realized what was happening, and by force.

And the provocations came. This began motzei Shabbat (Saturday night) two weeks ago, when the people of Israel heard on the radio that "extreme right-wing activists from Maoz Yam attacked Arabs from Muassi and injured them." An examination proved that the opposite was the case. A group of about ten Jews, guests for Shabbat, was walking in the direction of Shirat Hayam. On the way they were attacked by dozens of Arabs with clubs and stones. The scoop was that "a person bit an attacking Rottweiler" - the Jews defended themselves and chased away the attacking Arabs. The way that the incident was presented in the media, as if it were the Jews who had attacked the Arabs, and not the opposite, was done with the clear aim of besmirching the inhabitants of the hotel.

And that was only the beginning. Every day people heard all kinds of strange reports from the hotel until the impression was gained that its inhabitants were really dangerous. The tours that we gave the media - to show them that we were busy with the new kindergarten, the kitchen, the establishment of the study hall, and the wine and cheese evening to connect with the residents of Gush Katif - were all to no avail. According to the reports in the media, Maoz Yam had become the Number One danger in the State of Israel. Screaming headlines in the newspapers spoke of the "Masada of Gush Katif," without there being any basis in reality for this. Anyone who read the newspapers and heard the news could think that we were preparing biological and chemical weapons in Maoz Yam, if not an atomic bomb.

And then came the provocation that led to the storming of the hotel. The army destroyed dozens of abandoned houses close to the settlement of Shirat Hayam. The pretext for the destruction was that the security forces "feared that the Jews would take over these houses and fill them with opponents of the disengagement." This happened, of all days, on the day of the funeral of the two youths from the southern Hebron hill country who were murdered by Arab terrorists. Instead of the army demolishing the houses of the Arab terrorists who murdered these youths, or going in pursuit of the launchers of Kassam rockets, the Sharon government sent the army to engage in a provocation against the national camp, knowing that such a hillul Hashem (desecration of the Name of G-d) would not pass without a response, and that Jews would return to the location to try and rebuild the ruins.

Thus began the story of Tal Yam. That very night the activists in the field decided to rebuild the ruins of the abandoned structures and call the site "Tal Yam," in memory of Tali Hatuel, may the Lord avenge her. The youth preferred to take over an abandoned house in the 'Muassi', at a distance of a few hundred meters from there.

When the Arabs in the next house organized for a pogrom against the Jews, began to throw rocks at Jewish girls walking on the road, and even injured one in the forehead (did anyone broadcast the pictures of the injured Jewish girl?), the army was supposed to intervene, to restore order, and even to remove the Arabs from there in order to protect the lives of the Jews. But because the authorities wanted the situation there to deteriorate, the army stood by and did nothing. The youth responded as any true Jew is supposed to respond in such a situation: they defended themselves. Perhaps too enthusiastically, but this was still self-defense. But we heard in the media that "lawbreaking Jews are throwing rocks at the poor Arabs."

Stage 1:
The Camera man [left] sets the stage, directing the Arab [blue pants] to lie down.

Stage 2:
Camera man telling Arab to lie down and play unconcious.

Stage 3:
After an impatient wait, the stage is finally set for the international and Israeli press to recreate the Medieval blood libel.
The delegitimation campaign reached its peak on the day of the "lynch." All the media broadcast pictures of Jewish youth presumably attacking a poor Arab youth. Today - after the publication of the full picture on the Internet - it is common knowledge that there was no lynch, and that the "poor Arab youth" was an eighteen-year-old Arab who endangered the lives of the Jews there by the wild throwing of rocks. The Arab attacker himself admitted in an interview with Israel Radio's Avi Yisakharov that he was hit in the head by the butt of a soldier's rifle. This soldier (who acted in this manner in order to stop the Arab attacker, who was said to be holding a knife) also hit him in the ribs and the face. This was his main injury, and only afterwards were stones thrown at him, that caused the secondary injury. Several hours after he was listed as "critically injured," he was already seen standing and laughing with his friends, and he had miraculously become very lightly wounded.

Real "lynches" did occur during those same days, in other places: activists of the extreme left who demonstrated against the fence injured a soldier, and took out his eye; police in Ramat Gan brutally beat an innocent demonstrator and barbarously tortured him by putting their fingers in his nostrils and pulling his head backwards, when his hands were tied, and other such instances. It is clear why these events received no media coverage.

The staged pictures from the "lynch" at Tal Yam served their purpose, and were the pretext for the storming of the Maoz Yam hotel. No one bothered to ask how the total mess at Tal Yam provided the sanction for the storming of Maoz Yam, two kilometers away, but this is a marginal question. What troubles me is that the national camp leadership, in and outside Gush Katif, fell into the "divide and rule" trap that Ariel Sharon set for us, believed the smear and delegitimation campaign, and instead of coming to the aid of Maoz Yam, engaged in their favorite sport: breast-beating and condemnations, and allowed the authorities to illegally occupy Maoz Yam. This must not happen again. It is obvious that in a few weeks the Sharon dictatorship will organize for all of Gush Katif a delegitimation campaign similar to what they did to Maoz Yam. Who knows what the dark minds in the GSS are preparing for us? Will some GSS operative disguised as a Gush Katif settler shoot, Heaven forbid, some government minister or a soldier? Will a GSS operative disguised as a settler from Gush Katif try to carry out some attack on the Temple Mount? It's difficult to know, but the delegitimation campaign against Gush Katif is on the way. As regards Tal Yam and Maoz Yam, engaging in charges and accusations within our camp is pointless now. We all made mistakes. Yes, we, too. But it is important to understand that even if Tal Yam had never existed, and the inhabitants of Maoz Yam were all moderate and mild-mannered families, then, too, the authorities would have arranged provocations in order to defame the inhabitants and storm the hotel - first, because the strategic location is important for them; and second, they do not want a concentration of Eretz Israel loyalists in Gush Katif who are infused with the faith in our ability to cancel the decree.

And here we come back to the good news: the expulsion operation at the hotel proved to all of us that it is not at all simple to remove people from their homes. If the army had to bring thousands of soldiers to expel about a hundred people, most of whom were women and children, then the solution for our victory lies in numbers. Our power is in our numbers. Now we must concentrate on bringing tens of thousands of people to Gush Katif and Samaria. During the uprooting of Yamit, the heads of the army told Rabbi Neriah, of blessed memory: If only you could bring an additional 20,000 people here, we could inform the government that we are incapable of implementing our task.

Therefore, Gush Katif must prepare for the absorption of masses of people. Every family in Gush Katif must engage in a "family doubling operation": setting up tents and huts on their individual lawns and host for the entire summer the grandfather and grandmother from Rehovot, the cousins from Petah Tikvah, the grandchildren from Kfar Maimon, the cousins from Ofakim, and the good friends from Tel Aviv and Raananah. The tens of thousands of other people who don't have relatives in Gush Katif will camp out in the public areas: the beaches, the schools, the community centers, and the like. It's true that it's not the most pleasant thing to break our daily routine. But what is preferable? To break out of our routine for a few weeks in order to save home and life, or to live our routine lives until August 15, and then to lose everything?

As in every dictatorship, the security forces seem very intimidating. But the truth is that this government fears us. It tries in every way to break our spirit, because they know that if we only organize properly, we have the ability to triumph. And so, now is the time to continue to act, with even greater energy, in the four areas that, with G-d's help, will bring victory:

* strengthening the inhabitants of Gush Katif, so that they will continue to plant and be steadfast, and not agree to sign to accept compensation.

* to continue to call upon soldiers not to obey the illegal and immoral deportation order: the tens of thousands of soldiers who will remove their uniforms on D-Day and join the residents of Gush Katif will, with G-d's help, be the surprise of the summer.

* to strengthen and encourage the youthful roadblockers, who will insure a total system breakdown in the country on D-Day.

* to organize to absorb the masses in Gush Katif and Samaria.

We will work together, we will organize, and, with G-d's help, we will prevail. On August 16, when the Prime Minister will announce, to the entire world, his resignation and the cancellation of the deportation plan, the entire people of Israel are invited to a festive meal of thanksgiving to the Holy One, blessed be He, in the Maoz Yam hotel.

Emanuel Winston's comment on Nadia Matar's essay:

Is there any doubt that Sharon and the Leftist Hebrew Media is following in the path laid down by the master propagandist, Goebbels. He too used the accommodating media to brain-wash the people of Europe to accept the idea that savaging the Jews was an excellent idea whose time had come. The SHAME of being a corrupt journalist is not troubling the Israeli Media who act as it a political party committed to the Left and, of course, to the forced deportation of all Jews east of the 1967 Partition lines (described by Abba Eban as the "Auschwitz Lines".

I am anxiously awaiting the predicted assault on all of Israel by the Arab Muslim Palestinians when the Jews must finally make up their mind to fight back. It will be a last chance to save the nation. Comments by Emanuel Winston

With your patience, I have attached that added that article to this because it bears on the following article:

PR Campaign For Evacuation Of Jews by Emanuel A. Winston.

One can only wonder and speculate on the planned PR (propaganda) campaign being evolved for after the evacuation to make it all "Look Good". That is what Propagandists do. They chip away at reality and then give it a spin that makes the bad actions of the government look good. Israel's Prime Minister Ariel (Arik) Sharon has his first meeting since February with the Head of the Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas (aka Abu Mazen). Even as he has first meeting with Abbas and challenges him with intelligence about the Arab Muslim Palestinian plans for war AFTER THE EVACUATION, nevertheless, Sharon continues with his suicidal unilateral "Disengagement" plan: Give away for no benefit, the homes of 10,000+ Jewish men, women and children, plus the livelihoods they have created in their farms, factories, schools, synagogues...even their beloved dead in their cemeteries.

Sharon has an unlimited supply of psycho-babble when it comes to explaining why he is removing some 35 Army checkpoints - even as the Palestinian Arab Muslim Terrorists increase their efforts to by-pass those checkpoints with suicide belts hidden in their clothes. On June 20th a 21 year old Arab Palestinian woman was being treated for burns at Soroka Hospital in Beer Sheva and, therefore, had a "pass" through the checkpoints. She was discovered with a bomb suicide belt under her clothes.

Sharon and his gaggle of corrupt followers are already building a case for the massive attacks predicted by all Sharon's top Army and Intelligence experts ever since this "Plan" for the Deportation of Jews from Gush Katif and the Northern Shomron was broached by Sharon in December 2003 in Herzlyia. Sharon has to have his PR (Propaganda) team working night and day in anticipation of the casualties from Kassam Rockets and Mortars fired into Judea and Samaria and the coastal communities. I wonder if they are thinking of a citizens' revolt with hanging on their mind after they have been hit by Terrorism and have, G-d forbid, lost loved ones?

I would guess that, as the Kassem rockets are falling and the bombs burst in air, Sharon will order some sort of counter attack, bragging about how he is protecting the citizens of Israel. The fact that he provoked and enabled the Terrorists to attack and are allowing them to continue to attack - with impunity and malice will be ignored. These deadly facts will be subtly pushed aside and replaced with Propaganda stories about how he "ordered" the Army and Air Force into action - by the bombings of empty buildings after a terrorist atrocity.

"After the police evacuated the anti-disengagement activists holed up in the Maoz Yam Hotel in Gush Katif, Police commander for the South Uri Bar Lev declared that the operation went "smoothly and without resistance." -- Guysen Israel News, June 30, 2005.

The sluggards in the Hebrew Media will, no doubt, support the Sharon they hate - as long as he continues driving Jews out, first out of Gaza and then followed by Judea and Samaria (aka) the West Bank. This media support frenzy will ramp up IF Sharon can stay in office long enough to evacuate the Jews out of the Eastern half of Jerusalem. The Media will back Sharon because their judgement will have been proven flawed and they could never admit that they have poor judgement.

Notice how the bombings in Iraq have escalated in the power of their explosives to murder tens of Americans and Iraqis a day. We are told that these Terrorists, trained in urban warfare will spread out all over the world. The distance and power of their bombs and bombers is growing exponentially. "Foreign Fighters" are crossing the border into Iraq - especially from Syria. Who do you think they are? They are all radical Muslim Jihadists - Mujahadeen, with the goal of world domination by Islam's most strict Shariah laws. They believe that conquest by blood is necessary and preferred to peace by negotiations. These Mujahadeen are already migrating into the 7 cities given over to Palestinian Authority control and setting up cells awaiting the "Disengagement" to attack.

The Leftists, from David Ben Gurion on through Ezer Weizmann, Moshe Dayan, Yitzhak Rabin, Shimon Peres, Ehud Barak - and now Sharon - had one major goal which was the secularization of Israel on the theory that, if they were not Jews the anti-Semites would cease their pursuit which is why, Moshe Dayan "gifted" the Jewish Temple Mount over to the Muslim Arab Wakf within hours of Jerusalem's liberation in June 1967. Every single Jewish Holy place was to be disposed of so the religious Jews would have no spiritual rallying point. Giving away Solomon's Temple was an imperative in their plan to de-Judaize Israel. All the Holy Places, including 58 synagogues, the Temple Mount, the ancient cemetery on the Mount of Olives were vandalized and desecrated by the Jordanians as a start.

If one didn't know better, it is as if Sharon, in collaboration with Labor's Shimon Peres, had planned for Israel to implode and to first accept the 1967 Lines as permanent borders. Abba Eban called those "Auschwitz borders". While Sharon was thinking "1967", Bush was thinking the 1947 original U.N. Partition Lines.

Note! You may have already heard that Supreme Court (ultra-Leftist) Judge Aharon Barak has ruled that the 1967 lines are to be permanent borders. In a word, the troika of Sharon, Peres and Barak have committed treason in the sense that they planned the demise of the Judea-Samaria/Gaza areas without a word to the public or the Knesset. This act of treason would be further confirmed by planning this treachery with foreign governments during the actual state of war.

Israel's political system has spiral down over the years into something no less than a criminal regime with exceptionally corrupt leaders. AS for the anti-Jewish Left, one sense a pernicious, permeating evil that is so enraged against their own Jewishness that they would shed no tears if the religious Jews were destroyed by the Arab Muslim Palestinians. The Left is just beginning to realize that the "Disengagement" which causes such great pain to the settlers of the Right that they too will soon share that pain in Tel Aviv and Haifa - and all along the coastal strongholds of the Labor Left. While the Left feels safe in their cities now, the Arab Muslim are building rockets that can reach their cities. The Arab Muslim Palestinians, having gotten Jewish Land for absolutely nothing, are now demanding an expansion of the giveaway both in the North and the South. Everyone in Israel will be within easy range of rockets, mortar, missiles and shoulder-fired ground-to-air missiles that will close Ben Gurion International Airport for all time.

When, NOT IF, the attacks come, the Jewish people will rage against the collaborators who brought this about. But, then it will be too late. Of course, they will not blame themselves for first cheering the forced evacuation of fellow Jews from their homes. People tend to exonerate themselves from the evils they do because their consciences (if they have one) gnaws at them for most of their lives.

But first, they will correctly want to blame Sharon, Peres, Beilin, Olmert, Mofaz, Mazuz and all the rest of Sharon's weak Cabinet as well as the Knesset for NOT protecting them. For all those about to be killed, their relatives and friends will also blame those mentioned above. I doubt that these people who voted in this catastrophe will ever feel safe on the streets of Israel again.

So, get ready for a high program of Propaganda by the betrayers of Israel and the Jewish people. They will turn everything that happens or is said on its head in Orwellian "Double-Speak". Somehow, what these political criminals have unleashed on the Jewish nation, will be turned around to say: "It wasn't my fault!" But know: there is a war coming and you look to Sharon, in cahoots with a misguided Bush Administration, pandering to Arab oil sheiks for fueling the global radical Muslim Terrorists' expectations.


Emanuel Winston is a commentator and Middle East analyst. His articles appear often on Think-Israel and Gamla. He is a member of the Board of Directors and a research associate of the Freeman Center For Strategic Studies (

Nadia Matar together with her mother-in-law Ruth Matar founded Women For Israel's Tomorrow, better known as Women in Green, an activist group of women based in Jerusalem. Their website address is She and her husband and six children moved to Kush Gatif, where she functions as a member of the Executive Committee of Kela Authority.


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