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by Dafna Yee


If one is serious about fighting terror, the first things to do are to stop pretending that some terrorists are your friends, and to stop believing that any terrorist can be negotiated with. The hard truth is that if you consider yourself to be pro-'Palestinian', then you are by definition, anti-Israeli. Any political decision which doesn't take that fundamental fact into consideration will inevitably be used against Israel.

One of the most dangerous outcomes of the Arab propaganda campaign, is that it has convinced well-meaning people around the world (including some Israeli and American Jews) that being pro-'Palestinian' means that you are for a peaceful solution that will give a people called "Palestinians" (who are not really culturally or historically separate from any other Arab group) their own country called 'Palestine' next to Israel, where they can live in peace. This entire belief is a deliberately conceived lie that, from its inception in 1964, was always intended to be used to destroy Israel. Ignoring the abundance of contrary evidence, President George W. Bush and the entire US State Department remain some of the most powerful adherents to that false belief. Bush still speaks of 'occupied Palestinian land' and 'illegal Israeli settlements' from which he is determined to create the country of 'Palestine'. But he is not alone. Former president Jimmy Carter is still continuing the campaign he started while in office to legitimize Arafat and the PLO while calling himself a 'peacemaker'. Unfortunately, the number of people who have been deceived by Arab propaganda is enormous.

Not all, nor even most, Arabs in the world are terrorists or even supporters of terrorists. But, if you identify yourself as a 'Palestinian', then you have declared your loyalty to an intrinsically terrorist organization whose sole purpose is the eradication of Israel and the slaughter of all Israelis. You cannot be a 'moderate' in pursuing that goal, unless by moderate you mean that you only approve of the use of terror against Israelis under certain circumstances. Such a 'moderate' is not someone who can be trusted to negotiate your country's security with and certainly can't be trusted to actually fight against terrorists whose only crime in their eyes is that they misused a legitimate method against an enemy. Yet people still expect the Palestinian Authority to take care of the problem of terrorists as part of the 'peace process', which completely ignores the fact the PA consists of terrorists and finances much of the terrorism in Israel!

By its very nature, any pro-'Palestinian' rhetoric IS anti-Israeli. There is no Palestine - that territory ceased to exist even as a separate entity (it was never an independent nation) in 1948 when Israel began as a sovereign state. Use of the words 'Palestine' and 'Palestinian', especially in a political context, promote Arab and other anti-Israeli propaganda (whether that's the intent of people who use them so freely, or not). Those words are part of a deliberate lexicon that was created as a means to 'wipe out' the State of Israel! First figuratively -- by avoiding the name 'Israel' and refusing to give it recognition, and second literally -- by its promotion by people who are openly trying to bring about Israel's destruction and dissolution in order to replace Israel with 'Palestine'.

For some reason which I still can't fathom, some people automatically assume that any solution that is 'pro-Israeli' (in other words, puts the rights of Israeli citizens to safety and security as a major component) is automatically one that is NOT 'just and reasonable' to the Arab population! This must be a sign of blind acceptance of Arab propaganda and baseless rhetoric because the facts of the matter are that the Arab population has always had just and fair rights in Israel, far more so than they receive in any Arab country. There has been no corroborating evidence for any Israeli 'atrocities'; they only exist in Arab lies and rhetoric along with 'eyewitness reports'. Actually, all the verifiable evidence shows that Israelis have, indeed, shown remarkable restraint in the face of enormous provocation (too much so, in my personal opinion).

I don't deny that the Arab population living under the Palestinian Authority is suffering hardships (though many people in the world are in far worse straits -- including the vast majority of Arabs living in Arab countries -- and nobody is bothering about them) but most of that is through their own making because they have followed terrorist leaders who don't give a damn for their welfare. However, why do all these pro-'Palestinians' make no mention of the suffering that the Israelis are going through? Israelis have to live with not only the fear of continued terrorist attacks (as in America) but the reality of them, on a daily basis. There is scarcely an Israeli Jew today who has not lost a family member, friend, and/or neighbor due to rampant 'Palestinian' atrocities. (What else would you call indiscriminate mass murders committed by human bombs deliberately aimed at the civilian population?) Where is the compassion for them -- the more than 1000 men, women, and children who were killed and the over 10,000 who were wounded in the past two years alone for no reason except that they were Jews and living in Israel?

Too many people, and governments, believe that they can remain neutral and be friends with all people even when these people are sworn enemies to each other. The only possible outcome of acting on this belief is that both sides will believe that the so-called neutral person has betrayed them. Even worse, that person probably has, because he will constantly have to try to prove his loyalty to everyone and it is inevitable that if he does something for one side, he is automatically acting against the other. That is why any promises that Bush gives Israel that are dependent on his promises to Israel's enemies cannot be fulfilled even if Bush was sincere when he made them.

To learn for myself just how anti-Israel the pro-'Palestinians' are, I examined over 300 websites put up by groups, organizations and individuals who claimed that all they wanted was 'peace', 'justice', 'human rights', etc., for the 'Palestinians'. With only FOUR exceptions, every one of the sites which claimed to be promoting those ideals on behalf of the 'Palestinians' was flagrantly anti-Israel! The list, which is still increasing, is available for anyone to examine for themselves.  Click here for the current list.

An interesting fact that I found is the more the site proclaimed its desire for 'peace for Palestinians', the more that site openly spewed anti-Israel hate propaganda. In fact, many sites that just claimed to be antiwar, and not necessarily pro-'Palestinian', were actually covering up the same anti-Israel hate rhetoric. (Some of the antiwar sites didn't publish anti-Israel propaganda directly; instead they linked to some of the worst anti-Israel sites.)

Too often, being anti-Israel is directly connected with anti-Semitism. When Israeli Jews are killed and wounded by Arab terrorists because they are Jews and in the 'Palestinian cause'; that is anti-Semitism. It is not a coincidence that the rise of blatant anti-Semitism in Europe, Canada, and yes, America, in the past few years mirrors the anti-Israel feeling has been growing in these countries. The same is true in reverse -- 'Palestinian' terrorists have increased their operations in direct proportion to their propaganda success in demonizing Israel in the eyes of the world and the willingness of the world to 'negotiate' with them. (You also might remember that the worst Arab riots in British-administered Palestine took place from 1936-1939, at the very time when Hitler and Nazism were gaining ground in Germany.)

People who adopt the 'Palestinian cause', no matter how misguided or well-meaning, are actually working to bring about Israel's destruction. More importantly, pretending that good intentions and 'not meaning any harm' will change the outcome of their support for the 'Palestinians', is just sharing in the propaganda campaign as well as abandoning Israel's to the 'Palestinians' -- the very people who have sworn to destroy Israel at any cost.

We cannot count on a person or government to be our friend if he also considers our enemy his friend. This is definitely a time when all friends of Israel have to make the tough choice that they are either with Israel or against her; there is no middle ground possible, especially in the Middle East. So, all you pro-'Palestinians' out there, please reconsider what you are doing. Whether you intend to or not, if you support the 'Palestinian cause', YOU SUPPORT TERRORISTS.

Dafna Yee is director of the Jewish Watch Dog (JWD). Its website address is

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List of Anti-Israel 'Peace' Groups:


AlterNet - The Anti-War Movement ( This group uses the US war in Iraq to gather support for the "Palestinian cause".

AFSC - American Friends Service Committee ( Their Middle East program coordinator was originally in Beirut, Lebanon but has recently been moved to Amman, Jordan -- is their anti-Israel stance really any surprise?

Ariga: Peace ( This is an umbrella site for many 'peace' organizations with individual URL's that are also on this list. APHRA - Arab Program for Human Rights Activists

( Although they themselves don't say anything against Israel on their website, the groups that make up their links list certainly DO!!! This is the International branch: (

American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee ( By claiming to be the victims of discrimination, they get funding to practice discrimination against others.

Adalah ( 'Adalah' means 'justice' in Arabic. The group is stating that Arabs don't have equal rights in Israel and that's already a lie! Then they go on with the usual "Palestinian" propaganda.

Americans for Peace Now ( AKA Peace Now USA, they were originally formed to give American support to Shalom Achshav/Peace Now, Israel, they are working for the evacuation of all "occupied" territories and the establishment of "Palestine"!!!!

The Alternative Information Center ( None of the home site links work. However, you can see their extreme anti-Israel bias by checking their statement at: (

Al-Liqa ( Another site whose home URL doesn't work; info can be found on the Ariga site (!) at: (

Amnesty International - Israel Section ( I don't have enough words to denounce this site!

ACHR -- Arab Commission on Human Rights ( They appear on most sites connected with the UN. They specifically try to indict Israel in the International Criminal Court but refuse to prosecute Arafat for mass murder. It claims to deal with "... the rights of Arabs living in Israeli-occupied territories."

Al-Dameer Association For Human Rights ( Another advocacy group specializing in "human rights" in Gaza and are closely related to Ramallah. They specifically deal with "violations against prisoners in Israeli jails".

Al-Mezan Center For Human Rights And Community Involvement ( Located in the Jabalia Camp in Gaza, it is extremely well funded by multiple organizations including the Ford Foundation.

Al-Haq ( Allied with ICJ, it is a typical, though better funded than most, anti-Israel "human rights" group.

Alternatives (Canada) They constantly condemn Israel's anti-terrorism policies while ignoring "Palestinian" barbaric use of genocide-bombers.

Arab Association of Human Rights It is promoting the same tired propaganda while pretending to be a historical authority. Most of its funds come from the Ford Foundation and the EU.

Adam Institute for Democracy and Peace ( While it claims to seek peace for all, its list of links, which include some of the worst anti-Israel "peace" organizations, reveals its true aims.

AUPHR - Americans United for Palestinian Human Rights To show how impartial they are, there is a page that claims to be the Israeli perspective. The only problem is that it links directly to Gush Shalom who, as we all know, is the hard core of the Israeli " peace" movement!!


B'Tselem ( One of the worst of the so-called 'Jewish' sites; it's on every pro-Arab site that recognizes Jews at all!

Bat Shalom ( They are very big on 'eye-witness' reports of Israeli 'atrocities'!! They are also the sister organization of JCW - Jerusalem Center for Women.

B'rit Tzedek v'Shalom ( AKA Jewish Alliance for Justice and Peace; it only sees a two state solution and calls for a freeze on Israeli 'settlements'.

Bustan Shalom ( Website was not working; can access info at: (


CPT - Christian Peacemaker Teams/Hebron ( A group of mostly 'Friends' aka Quakers who are very anti-Israel and anti-Semitic!

Common Dreams ( This site makes it onto my personal shit list! Look at their links page to 'peace' groups that ALL belong on this list -- -- to say nothing of their own 'reports' and you'll see why.

ColoradoCampaign for Middle East (

Courage to Refuse ( They consider themselves to be the most influential "peace" movement in Israel today and they might be right. They have twisted both history and politics so that Israel only exists as a step to "Palestine"!

Center for Positive Practices ( Another site that uses the 'jewish' book as its main resource:( PeaceEducation.html)

Coalition of Women for a Just Peace ( A collection of some of the worst spreaders of anti-Israel propaganda under the banner of 'peace'!

CASI - Campaign Against Sanctions on Iraq ( This is a group at the University of Cambridge, UK and it is promoting some of the most disgusting lies about Israel it has been my misfortune to read. Check out: (!!!!)

Christian Aid ( A UK organization, who in addition to the usual anti-Israel activities, has a fundraising film, "Peace Under Siege" which proves that, in addition to rendering aid to everyone but Israelis, its other goal is the delegitimation of Israel.

Caritas ( It claims to be a Catholic confederation of relief organizations, but its true colors were evident when they presented a horribly anti-Semitic/anti-Israel poster. It was so bad that it was condemned by the Simon Wiesenthal Center.

Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies Their calling the anti-terrorism wall an "apartheid barrier that is being established by the occupation Israeli forces in the West Bank." There is no acknowledgement that the wall is only necessary because of the unrelenting murderous attacks of the "Palestinians". ( (Of course the wall is being constructed where it is because that is where the killers come from!)

Center for Justice and Accountability ( While this group does not specifically list Israel as a "human rights abuser", they don't recognize the Israeli victims of "suicide bombings", either. Also, their source links page is composed of major offenders who are on this list (or will be as soon as I get to them). See:


Dmoz Organization ( A directory of links covering all aspects of "human rights".

A Different Future ( Puts the Israeli defense and the Arab attacks on equal levels. Also considers the Israeli 'occupation' to be the root of the conflict. One of the Co-chairs is Andrew Young!!

Defense for Children International, Israel ( Talks about rights for Arab minors in Israeli jails but neglects both the fact that there is good reason for having them there and that there is no proof of human rights violations against them!

DWRC - Democracy and Workers' Rights Center in Palestine ( They have a really vile petition linked to their home page: which supposedly is about the right of "Palestinians" to work but includes sentences like this one: "protect Palestinian workers from torture and harassment by Israeli extremists and soldiers and to protect their right to life"; you can also read their anti-Israel statements at: (


Episcopal Peace Fellowship ( Check out their Israel/Palestine Peace Packet!! (

**ECCMEI - Essays and Commentary on Contemporary Middle Eastern Issues ( This is a blanket organization that lists most of the so-called "Jewish" friends of "palestine" groups (84 if them, most if not all are either on this list or will be) which are among the worst anti-Israel sites on the Internet!!! It ONLY has a 'palestinian' flag on its site!!! It also has a separate list for so-called individual 'Jews' (74 of them!!!) who have publicly proclaimed their alliance with the enemies of Israel at: (

EMHRN - Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network, ( An umbrella group of 27 European nations which receives 80% of its funding from the EU and is blatantly anti-Israel. Their website is available in French, English and Arabic.


**Fellowship of Reconciliation ( Mostly focuses against war in Iraq BUT with very little effort -- put 'Israel' in their search bar -- you can come up with articles like this one: (

Friendship Village ( Behind their pretty rhetoric, it is clear that the 'friendship' they are advocating is the same as the one between Uri Avneri (a major contributor!) and Arafat!!! Other noted anti-Israeli writers add their bit to the articles page at: (

Ford Foundation ( The Ford Foundation heavily funds "Palestinian charities" and other NGOs that have either direct links with terrorists or support them by publishing their anti-Israel propaganda and funding them. See their Israel page: (; it could easily be taken directly from the other "peace" groups on the list.


Global Coalition for Peace ( Their 'Jewish representative' is none other than the self-styled 'rabbi' Michael Lerner!!!

GIPP - Grassroots International for the Protection of Palestinians ( Better take a look at their European partners - PNGO - Palestinian Non-Governmental Organizations Network!!!

Greenpeace (

GushShalom ( I don't have enough expletives to describe this site and its heinous leader, Uri Avnery!!! Among other despicable comments on this site is Avnery's statement that the cause of the 'troubles' is Sharon's failure "to fortify the position of Yasser Arafat [s who is] the only effective partner for peace." (

Gaza Community Mental Health Program ( This is a typical anti-Israel propaganda site with a fancy cover title!


Hebron Restoration Committee ( The site, in English -- which is under construction -- and Arabic, openly promotes false ideas of the history of Hebron and "Palestine" along with blatant hatred for Israelis. It is well funded by the Saudis as well as European governments.

HIC - Habitat International Coalition ( They concentrate on the destruction of "Palestinian" homes and "human rights violations" without even including the name of Israel -- they refer to Israel as the "Zionist Entity" -- in its list of countries where they help".

HRW - Human Rights Watch ( Their constant condemnation of Israel while excusing every act of the "Palestinians" is their defining characteristic. Just read their articles on Israel's anti-terrorist wall for some examples (

Hague Appeal for Peace ( They are not OPENLY anti-Israel -- although they link to groups which ARE! -- but their own publication contain this horrid quote from Edward Said (!): That doesn't sound 'impartial' to me!!!

Holy Land Trust (HOLT) ( This site was found on Cactus48 as well as other sites which openly preach hatred of Israel.

Hamoked - Center for the Defense of the Individual ( It is also found at: ( They are BAD; one of their projects was working with B'Tselem on perpetrating the "Jenin Scandal" (

Human Strategies for Human Rights ( Although their website does not specifically address situations in Israel or the "Palestinians"; they link to many of the strongest anti-Israel sites. (

Humanitarian Resource Institue International Peace Center ( The umbrella organization for many groups on the list including the very biased United States Institute of Peace and the United Nations.

HDIP - Health Development Information and Policy Institute ( This "humanitarian" NGO serves as a consultant to a wide variety of organizations including WHO, European Community, UNDP, UNICEF, and the World Bank - all of whom have been shown to fund terrorist groups. It uses its enormous funding to spread anti-Israel propaganda around the world.


Institute for Public Accuracy ( There are too many 'reports' to list; pick any one under Israel and look for yourself. People like Saul Landau and Phyllis Bennis work there and many other well-known anti-Israel writers frequently publish there!

International Action Center ( Be sure and check out their article: "Palestinian Resistance to Israeli Terror"!!

International Forum for Justice and Peace in Palestine ( They don't seem to have their own web page. They are based in the Netherlands and they want to "stop the extremist minorities on both sides of the divide." Never mind that there are no Israeli 'suicide' bombers! One of their major contacts is Tanya Reinhart, the well-known anti-Israel propagandist.

ICCPP - The Israeli Council for Israeli-Palestinian Peace ( This site promotes every anti-Israel propaganda line there is! **International ANSWER ( This site talks mainly about Iraq but it doesn't 'neglect' Israel!!: In fact, promoting pro-"Palestinian" propaganda is obviously its main purpose.

International Solidarity Movement ( This is the group responsible for supplying "human shields" like Adam Shapiro and "martyrs" like Rachel Corrie. They are an extremely dangerous, well-funded group that has been directly linked to at least two known terrorists.

ICPRI - Israel/Palestine Center for Research and Information ( The "information" that they give out is the usual propaganda with some new twists! Read "Force the Palestinians to Surrender and End the War" for a sample of their publications!

Ittijah ( They seek to re-link Arabs inside Israel with those throughout the Middle East; they state outright that they are against normalization of relations between Israel and Arab countries because all the 'palestinians' demands have not been met!!!!

ICAHD - Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions ( Although their name doesn't include the word "peace", their organization claims to promote it -- of course, the only peace they will accept is "Palestine" where Israel now is.

ICJ - International Commission of Jurists ( While pursuing its stated mission of international justice, ICJ has time to promote flagrantly anti-Israel policies and give direct support to such openly anti-Israel organizations as LAW, Al-Haq, and PCHR.

International Federation of Human Rights ( If you want to learn the truth behind their pretty ideals, read any of their articles on Israel; their grossly biased slant is overwhelming. Try reading: "Emergency Resolution on the Occupied Palestinian Territories" (

ICHRDD - International Centre for Human Rights and Democratic Development (Canada) ( Although claiming to an independent organization, they were created by an act of Parliament and receive over four million dollars a year from the Canadian government. Although they are supposedly required to be impartial, in actuality they act as a propaganda vendor for some of the most radical "Palestinian" groups.

I'lam - Media Center for Arab Palestinians in Israel ( Although claiming to be a force for fairness in reporting in order to achieve its "humanitarian" aims (which brings in millions of dollars both from the New Israel Fund and the EU!), their true purpose is to delegitimize Israel!

IPA - International Peace Academy ( Just a look at its list of partners and links, many of whom are on this list, as well as its close association with the UN, is enough to know that Israel is not fairly represented -- in fact, it is not represented at all!


Jewish Peace Fellowship ( This is a VERY bad one!!

Jewish Voice for Peace ( Positively VILE!! They openly advocate replacing Israel with "Palestine"!!!! They also publish the Jewish Peace News to spread their anti-Israel propaganda more widely.

Jewish Friends of Palestine ( These "jews" don't even call our holiest city by its correct name - Jerusalem; they refer to it as "Al Quds!!" Although this site has the appearance of a separate organization, it links directly to ECCMEI!!)

Jews for Justice in the Middle East ( I can't find an actual website for the group. Supposedly, 'they' wrote a history book called, "The Origin of the Palestine-Israel Conflict", which is listed as a main resource by just about every horrid anti-Israel site on the Internet! BUT, I can't find any evidence that they are an actual organization, let alone a group of JEWS!!!! It sounds like they are 'Jewish' the same way that a 'Jews for Jesus' evangelist is 'Jewish'!!! The only address that I could find for them is a Berkeley, CA PO box!!! Common Dreams linked them to Cactus48 -- a Christian site which promotes anything anti-Jewish written by a Jew -- and a truly disgusting one!

Jews for Justice for Palestinians ( One of the many "Jewish" groups used as weapons against Israel.

Jews Against the Occupation ( The title says it all!

**JUNITY - Jewish Unity for a Just Peace ( They are interested in 'justice' for everyone BUT Israelis!!!

JPPI - Jews for Peace in Palestine and Israel ( This group is pushing for adoption of the UN resolutions against Israel among other things!!!

Jews for Racial and Economic Justice ( Although they claim not to make a stand, they state their anti-Israel views very clearly on their Middle East policy page!

Jewish Voices Against the Occupation of Palestinian Territories ( The title says it all; they managed to raise over $75,000 for their 'cause' in their last campaign to help build a "Palestinian" state!

JCW - Jerusalem Center for Women ( The sister organization to Bat Shalom, it operates independently. Although they claim to be for peace, like everyone else they are flagrantly using the concept of peace to curry favor - and funds - for the "Palestinian cause". They also specifically excuse the "suicide" bombers and make all the usual accusations against Israel and the US.

JMCC - Jerusalem Media and Communication Center ( A news center that is heavily funded by the Ford Foundation while actively promoting anti-Israel propaganda.


Kansas Committee for a Just Peace in the Middle East (They don't have their own website yet. You can read about them at: Their purpose is to end the Israeli 'occupation' which it blames for the Arab/Israel conflict!)

Kansas City Iraq Task Force ( (Yet another anti-war site that promotes blatantly anti-Israel propaganda on its web site! Check out Edward Said's article which is linked here:


Law Society ( Another name for Palestinian Society for the Protection of Human Rights and the Environment and an excellent example of how something can have a foul stench by any name!


Mothers for Peace - International ( (This group is thoroughly interconnected with Women for Palestine) which is a thoroughly disgusting hate group.

Middle East Nonviolence and Democracy (MEND) (

MADRE ( Supposedly they are only interested in pursuing human rights for women and children everywhere, this group is glaringly anti-Israel. As a matter of fact, they don't even list Israel among the countries where they give their support - just "Palestine"!!!

Middle East Children's Alliance for Peace ( (Such a nice title, don't you think? But, it's as full of anti-Israel propaganda as any other!)

Middle East Research and Information Project (

Middle East Crisis Committee ( (Also known as "The Struggle" -- which is also the name of its newsletter which is a sounding board for Israel Shamir's articles -- they are openly antagonistic to Israeli Jews!)


Nowar Collective ( Don't forget to check out their essay "Celebrating Palestinians": (

Nonviolent Peaceforce (

No More War (

Nonviolence ( Just check out this 'commentary' to read their slant on Israel: One of its 'partners' is Voices in the Wilderness. (

New Internationalist ( They claim to fight for 'global justice' but somehow the Israelis are not receiving any! Read - 18k - 2001-12-03 for an explicit example of what I mean!

Not in My Name ( Unquestionably one of the worst of this genre with an extremely 'complete' list of links, many of which are on this list already or will be soon! It is specifically against the "Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories"!

Not in Our Name ( An anti-war group that includes LOTS of anti-Israel propaganda from its partners such as Indymedia which is not a 'peace' group but IS blatantly anti-Israel!


Ogele - Voices for Peace (

Open Democracy ( Be sure and check out the crap at: (

Open Tent ( A truly dangerous -- and horrible -- site!


Peace Matters ( This group is a branch of PPU - Peace Pledge Union

PPU - Peace Pledge Union (

Pax Christi - USA ( This is a Catholic site; again, they are linked directly to extremely anti-Israel pages -- their so-called 'reports'!! They not only advocate ending the "occupation", including giving all of Jerusalem to the "Palestinians", they want to end the alliance between Israel and the US.

Peace Mamas ( While the name might be cute, the articles that it links to definitely are NOT!!! For an example, check out the bald-faced lies on this despicable link: (

Patriots for Peace ( This site's contributors are some of the most rabid of the anti-Israel writers and it links to many of the worst hate sites!

Pennsylvania Peace Links ( Although I didn't find anything SPECIFIC about Israel, their links are very suspicious; they include groups like the United States Institute of Peace - a known anti-Israel site! (

PeaceWatch ( I have had personal dealings with the owner, Ami Isseroff; he is determined to paint Israel as evil while whitewashing the Arabs even if he has to lie to do so. He is also named an "authority" on the "Deir Yassin massacre"!!!

Palestinian Center for Rapprochement Between People ( This is the parent organization for the ISM. It lists among "political parties" the Hamas and Hizb-ut-Tahrir terrorist groups and considers Ali Abunimah, American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee acolyte, Electronic Intifada founder and Al Awda devotee, a legitimate source of news.

Protest.Net ( This site could be tailor-made for this list -- a group that talks about peace and justice for everyone BUT Israelis!!!!

Pursuing Peace, Pursuing Justice ( This is an official UAHC site and I examined it very carefully before including it but its articles are reprehensible and it is linked to some vile anti-Israel sites!!!

Peace News (

Palestinian Society for the Protection of Human Rights and the Environment ( This is also known as the LAW Society; it's a horrible site!

Peace Now Israel (

Peace Now USA (

Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (The 'human rights' they talk of says nothing about Jews! About Jews/Israelis, they print nothing but hateful (and hate full) lies!

PCPD - Palestinian Center for Peace and Democracy ( Please note that this is located at McGill University!; they also have another site (

Palestinian Human Rights Monitoring Group ( Disgusting presentation of anti-Israeli lies and propaganda under the guise of checking on 'rights'!

Palestinian Non-Governmental Organizations Network ( A conglomerate which includes such groups as GIPP, Al-Marsad and the Palestine Monitor among its 92 member groups. The PNGO, like nearly every other"humanitarian" group, claim only to want "peace" (once they get rid of the Israelis!)


Rabbis for Human Rights ( A truly disgusting group; they actually give money to the families of 'suicide' bombers!!! All of their leaders belong to the HUC (Reform) and all I got when I contacted the director of the HUC about the blatant lies on the RHR website was a statement saying that "the Rabbis had the right to follow their conscience."!!!


Sojourners ( Especially check out their "Images of Occupation"; (

Shalom Center ( The letters that their rabbis write are enough to make one physically ill!!! They have strong ties to Tikkun and Michael Lerner.

Seeds of Peace (

Student International Forum ( Among their 'causes' is: "End U.S. Support for Apartheid Israel" (

Shalom Achshav/Peace Now - Israel ( Originally established by traitor Israelis who refused to serve in the IDF, they are working for the evacuation of all "occupied" territories and the establishment of "Palestine" with every anti-Israel "Palestinian" group!!!


Trouble Tickets ( One of their resources is HEZBOLLAH!!!!

The Tribe for Peace ( This group is based at Mt. Holyoke College and they use the "jewish" book as its main resource!!!

Tikkun ( Michael Lerner's organization!!!! If there is an anti-Israel, pro-"Palestinian" view to profess and spread, they do it!! They are also extremly prolific and are used as "proof" of the illegitimacy of Israel's claims and the rightness of all the "Palestinian" ones more than any other American "peace" group.


United States Institute for Peace ( Definitely shows a strong anti-Israel bias!

United for Peace ( This site is directly tied with the Fellowship of Reconciliation site; a very bad one.

United Nations No one who looks at the composition of the UN Security Council or who has examined the past Resolutions can doubt that the UN is blatantly anti-Israel. Not to mention the millions of dollars that it gives outright to "Palestinian refugees"


Voices in the Wilderness ( This group deliberately mixes up the Iraqi War and the "rights of the Palestinians in occupied Palestine". They do a lot of touring of places around to US to garner support for the "Palestinian cause" especially from people who oppose the war in Iraq.


Women for Palestine ( LetterFirst%20MotherUS/LetterFirst%20MotherUS.html) This group is interconnected with Mothers for Peace.

War Resisters International ( This is a German site whose main focus is Israeli people refusing to serve in the IDF. Why War? ( They are directly linked with several blatantly anti-Israel organizations, including Not In My Name!!!!

Washington Report on Middle East Affairs ( A very slanted pro-"Palestinian" propaganda site! It is cited by some Arab sites as the only non-biased group in Washington!

The Women's Center - Shu'fat Refugee Camp They don't appear to have their own web site. An East Jerusalem group whose mission is to "strengthen community participation and study the peace agenda." Of course, "peace" to the "Palestinians" now means dismantling all of Israel and eliminating all Jews. Read the article from the Electronic Intifada for more information on the camp: (

OMCT - World Organization Against Torture( All impartiality disappears where Israel is concerned. Read the disgusting statement against Israel at: ( you might take note of who is citing their report as well!

WIPAN - Women's International Peace Activist Network They don't have their own website; they are the international branch of the Jerusalem Center for Women.


Znet ( This is a really horrible site with just about every rabidly anti-Israeli writer listed here. Check out the Edward Said interview at: for a typical article!!!

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