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September-October 2012

  1. The Benghazi Smudge–out 
  2. Facts we know about the 9–11 2012 Benghazi Massacre 
  3. What we know about the Benghazi massacre (Lipkin, Lopez, Klein, Hagmann, Bostom)
  4. The Muslim Brotherhood on a Roll (Marcus, Hausman, Mauro, Riedel, Lappin, Smith, Patton)
  5. Muslim Personality Profile (Greenfield, Fawstin, Greenfield, Imani, Rose, West)
  6. Levy Report (Elder of Ziyon, Brand, Shifftan, Brand, Bell, Belman, Cravatts, Dann)
  7. Is this promoting Islamic submission through fear, or ordinary propaganda? (Korol, Cline, Gioia)
  8. History Section (Harris, Keen)
  9. September-October Blog-Eds 

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July-August 2012

  1. Editorial: Revelations 
  2. Legal Context (Lipkin, Bell)
  3. The Girls of the Brotherhood (Glazov, Shoebat, Discover the Networks, Bostom, Roth, Lipkin)
  4. The Muslim Brotherhood and the Mideast Regional Strife (Lipkin, Rubin, Ibrahim, Goldman)
  5. False Claims by Muslims and Their Partisans (Beck, Bedein, Cary, Fitzgerald, WikiIslam)
  6. When Advocacy Goes Wrong and Becomes Propaganda (Benson, Frankl, Engelhard, NGO Monitor, Cohen, Sherman)
  7. History Section (Mandel, Ben-David)
  8. Final Thoughts (Spengler)
  9. July-August 2012 Blog-Eds 
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May-June 2012

  1. Fatah and Hamas. Islam and Islamist. They're under Sharia (Bukay, Joffe Korol, Zumwalt, Reilly, Suseelan)
  2. Sharia's Stealth Invasion (Poller, Chesler, Bostom)
  3. Muslim Brotherhood (Glick, ITIC, Joscelyn, Tapson)
  4. Middle East Dissolution (Spengler, Lappin, Bolton, Goldman, Meir-Levi, bin Hookah)
  5. Europe (Bawer, Meotti, Kern, Thornton, Fjordman, Kern, Barron)
  6. Some of Israel's acute problems aside from Iran (Sherman, Greenfield, Bechor, Greenfield, Sherman, Eidelberg, Marlon)
  7. PR-TI:Plain Rotten to Israel (Fjordman, Kupelian, Bawer, Shepherd)
  8. History Section (Medoff, Gavanditti, Sobel, Werdine, Friedman)
  9. May-June 2012 Blog-Eds 

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March-April 2012

  1. Accommodating Genocide (Imani, Ahlert, Paul, Meir-Levi, Steyn)
  2. Europe is suffering from the plague--and the USA is infected (Bawer, Bostom, Ibrahim, Cline)
  3. The Arab as a Victim (Lipkin,Karsh, Hornik, Halper, Dann, Proudman)
  4. Actual Stories of ordinary Muslims (Adelman, Ahlert, Haivri)
  5. Alternative Solutions to the "Peace Process" (Ettinger, Haivri, Hausman, Kedar)
  6. Still Dithering about Iran (Joscelyn, Asculai, Goodman, Mckay)
  7. Practioners of Hate (Grobman, Rennert, Plosker, Steyn)
  8. History Section (Eydar, Berdichevsky, Sharpe, Honig, Levin,)
  9. March-April 2012 Blog-Eds
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January- February 2012

  1. Themes In This Issue
  2. Changing People's Minds (Kaufman, Lipkin, Reilly, Solway, Julius, Bell)
  3. Reclaiming Jewish Land; Rejecting the two State Solution (Grief, CILR, Hausman, Weinberg, Shaw, Lerner, Abrams, Sherman)
  4. Insights Into Arab Behavior (Ibrahim, Greenfield, Ibrahim)
  5. Arab Internecine Wars (Ettinger, Glick, Burr, Jorisch, Rubin)
  6. Iran (Silverberg, Thornton, Glick, Lipkin)
  7. Muslim Brotherhood (Rubin, Mauro, Leiber)
  8. Where Are All The Moderate Muslims? (Sullivan, McCarthy, Habeeb)
  9. Infiltration Into Our Education System (Plaut, Thornton, Baehr, Tassel, Lappen)
  10. PR And Dirty Tricks (Visser, Chesler, Hinderaker, Stern, Silber, Lademain, Leiber, Haivri)
  11. History Section (Loewenberg, Klinger, Ginsburg, Salameh)
  12. January-February 2012 Blog-Eds

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November-December 2011

  1. Interwoven Themes In This Issue (Editor)
  2. Fabricating Peoplehood (Meir-Levi, Greenfield, Glick)
  3. Dealing with Muslim Assaults (Auerbach, Fjordman, Lappen, Steele, Hamid, Fawstin, Eidelberg)
  4. A Homeland For The Palestinian Arabs (Lerner, Sherman, Faybyshenko)
  5. It's Puzzling (Bawer, Phillips, Greenfield, Rose, Sennels, Sherman, Newell)
  6. How Churches Reacted To The Revival Of The Jewish State (Merkley, Shapira, Lowe, Merkley)
  7. Academia (Narvey, Lipkin, Frantzman)
  8. Media Matters (DasMaBebi, Bawer, Maistrovoy)
  9. History Section (Mirza, Isaac, Meotti)
  10. Readers' Blog-Ed Pages 
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September-October 2011

  1. Islamophobia (DiscovertheNetworks, Hornick, Glick)
  2. Creeping Sharia (Zumwalt, Gordon, Shulman)
  3. Western Pro-Palestinian Propagandist (Sherman, Murphy, Bell and Steinberg and Balanson, Poller)
  4. Muslim Democracy ain't Democracy (Greenfield, Helfont)
  5. The Shifting Sands of the Middle East (Takeyh, Al-Tamimi, Gilboa)
  6. The Proposed Palestinian Arab State of Palestine (Meotti, Elder of Ziyon, Meotti, Plaut)
  7. What the Arab's really want (Brand, Sherman)
  8. The Legal Basis for the Creation of Israel and it's Annexation of the Territories (Duke, Hausman, Rabinowitz, )
  9. Attacking Israel's Indecisivness: Leaving the Wrong Path (Kahane, Marton, Glick)
  10. History Section (Ramati, Sobel, FresnoZionisim, Sobel, Bard)
  11. Reader's Blog-Ed Page September 2011
  12. Reader's Blog-Ed Page October 2011
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July-August 2011

  1. The Three Themes In This Issue (Editor)
  2. Practicing Islam (Al Fadi, Ibrahim, Imani, McCarthy, Steyn, Butrick, Barron)
  3. The Race to Clobber Israel (Lopez, Fleitz, Imani, Glick, Lerner)
  4. The Consequences of Rewarding Terrorism (Poller, Rubin, Brand, Getz)
  5. Keeping Israel Sovereign. Keeping Israel Alive (Plaut, Auerbach, Kruger, November, Jager, Hasten, Ettinger)
  6. History Section (Hadar-Israel, Ceren)
  7. Readers' Blog-Ed Pages (July, August)
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May-June 2011

  1. Osama Bin Laden Is Dead. Is Al-Qaeda? (Swami, Greenfield, Anbar, Solway, Plaut)
  2. The Peaceful Religion Of Islam, Where Lies Are Truth And Brutality Is A Habit (Ibrahim, Imani, Bussel, Barnhardt)
  3. The Arab Nakba (Greenfield, Yemini, Hornik)
  4. What's Happening With Israel's Previous Peace Partners? (Spengler, King)
  5. Israel As Front Line Defense Against An Islamic Takeover. Israel (London, Eidelberg, Kemp)
  6. What Will It Be? Two Distorted States In Chronic Tension Or A Single Sovereign Jewish State? (Honig, Dann, Hinderacker)
  7. Hasbara And Public Relation (Davidson, Shulman, Eidelberg, Saperstein, Levinson)
  8. History Section (Julius, Clifford, Loewenberg)
  9. Readers' Blog-Ed Pages (July, August)
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March-April 2011

  1. The Core of Islam –– and its impact on its practitioners (Cline, Mannheimer, Imani, Ibrahim, Greenfield, Kerwick, Jessup, Chesler)
  2. The Jewish Core –– how Judaism hands the same realities (Roberts, Wilder, Saperstein)
  3. It's Gang-Up on Israel Time at the OK Corral (Baker, Hertz, Hausman, Ahlert, Rose)
  4. How Israel Can Turn Things Around (Glick, Greenfield, Feiglin, Shavit, Spengler, Tobin, Ohri)
  5. Public Relations, Hasbara And PR (Bussel, McQuillan. Stalinsky, Lipkin)
  6. History Section (Kanigel, Itto)
  7. Readers' Blog-Ed Pages (March, April)
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January- February 2011

  2. Editorial: The Middle East in Revolt
  3. Democracy and Revolution (Cline, Foller, Frantzman, Ibrahim)
  4. How Revolution is Played out in Different Countries (Fendel, Zahran, MacKillop, Goodman, McCarthy, Rosenthal, Teitelbaum, Dreyfus, Stemmann, Jager)
  5. The Muslim Brotherhood (Gaffney, Halevi, Bostom)
  7. Loner Terrorists and Small-Boat Pirates (Lipkin, Pham, To-The-Point Cruise Line)
  8. Wishing for Islamic Moderation and Reform (Chesler, Ohri, Fjordman)
  9. Is Israel going to Change Policy and Grow, or Grovel and Die? (Freedman, Glick, Issac)
  10. Hasbara, The War Front Where Israel is Losing (Dann, Sherman, Tepper, Rosenblum, Durie)
  11. History Section (Bartov, Black, Medoff)
  12. Reader's Blog-Ed Page January 2011
  13. Reader's Blog-Ed Page February 2011
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November-December 2010

  1. Hoaxes (Lipkin, Glick, Berstein, Lipkin, Dann, Halvri, Sharpe)
  2. Steps on the Road to Adopting Islam's View of the World (Warner, Nirenstein, Phillips)
  3. Anti-Semites from Church and State (Alexander, Bard, Hertz)
  4. Islamic Intolerance is Incompatable with Democracy (Ohri, Fjordman, Ibrahim, Greenfield, Simpson)
  5. Prescriptions for Peace (Katz, Jacobs, Soloway, Issac, Halevi, Bernstam)
  6. History Section (Shragai, Joffe and Romirowsky)
  7. Reader's Blog-Ed Page November 2010
  8. Reader's Blog-Ed Page December 2010
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September-October 2010

  2. Positive Proposals to Resolve the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict (Lipkin, Shulman, Sherman, Meltzer, Lipkin)
  3. International Acknowledgement of Israel as a Nation-State of the Jewish People (Grief, Teitelbaum, Zebulon)
  4. The Unworkable- The Past Four Decades of Peace Babble (Glick, Issac, Sherman, Dann, Karsh, Silverberg)
  6. Muslims, Moderates, and Immoderates (Editorial, McCarthy, Goldberg, Think-Israel Staff, Imani, Ibrahim)
  7. The Muslim Brotherhood in the West (Dann, Emerson, Rubin, Dry Bones, Kilpatrick)
  8. Assymetrical Warfare (Beres, Perdue, Norwitz, Ohri)
  9. Academics and Media that favor Arabs and Malign Jews (Murphy, Berdichevsky)
  10. History Section (Laskin, Dykes)
  11. Reader's Blog-Ed Page September 2010
  12. Reader's Blog-Ed Page October 2010
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July-August 2010

  1. Editorial: Israel's Exceptionalisim
  2. Distorted Morality, Double Standards, and Beinart-Style Lies
  3. The Ubiquitious Muslim Brotherhood
  4. The Ground Zero Mosque and Promoting Sharia (McCarthy, Kumar, Sharpe, Ramelah)
  5. Fallout from the Floatilla (Gross, Meir-Levi, Ahmed)
  6. Intellectuals, Politicians, and NGO's (Sherman, Adams, Beker, Fredman, Sieff, Gilligan, Landes, McQuaid, Suseelan, Rubin, Smith)
  7. Media Art-semitism (Greenfield, McQuillan)
  8. Destabilzation of the Middle East (Greewald, Phares, Lerner, Shapira, McKillop)
  9. The Wrong Priority: Countering Sharia and Resurgent Islam (FSm, Stern, Lademain, Aumann, Simpson, Belman, Grief)
  10. The Right Priority: Countering Sharia and Resurgent Islam (Warner, Miller, Joe Settler, Greenfield, Ohri )
  11. Israeli Society (Berdichevsky, Glick, Yemini)
  12. 5th Year Commeration of the Gush Katif Expulsion (Saperstein, Fendel, Vanunu, Dann)
  13. History Section (Pollack, Price, Shagai)
  14. Reader's Blog-Ed Page July 2010
  15. Reader's Blog-Ed Page August 2010
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May-June 2010

  1. In your face "activism" (Sarke, Ceren, Spengler, Choudhury, AllahPundit, Ibrahim, Emerson, Joscelyn)
  2. Global Jhiad (Brand, Ohri, Swarmy, Suseelan, Blankley, Murnson, Smith, Shapira, Smith)
  3. Anti-Israel institutions based in the USA (Eye on the UN, Muravehik, Van Zile, Spotts, Burchell)
  4. Israel's daunting task (Greenfield, Glick, Haetzni, Saperstein, Glick)
  5. Language and the media (Murphy, Ibrahim, Miller)
  6. Sharia in high places in government and universities (Warner, Rothstein and Seid, Levy and Poller )
  7. History Section (Fishman-Duker, Rose)
  8. Reader's Blog-Ed Page May 2010
  9. Reader's blog-Ed Page June 2010
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March-April 2010

  1. Myths can kill you (Brand, Cheweidan, Rubin, Salvato, Sheridan)
  2. A religious war (Eidelberg, Wilder, Simmons, Maistrovoy,Ohri)
  3. How friendly is the current American Adminisrtation? (Haselkorn, Prelutsky, Poller, Sharpe)
  4. Europe's treatment of Muslims and Jews  (Gur, Alexander, Landen, Legger, Glick, Bat Ye'or)
  5. Solutions for a genuine Arab-Israeli peace. Cutting the Gordian Knot (Mansdorf, Bialkin, Sharpe, Think-Israel Staff, Kogan, November, Bussel)
  6. Is there a linkage betweem Islam and terror? (Stakelbeck, Poole, Spenser, Emerson, Greenfield, Imani)
  7. ANti-Semitism, Anti-Zionisim, and Muslim-purchased propganda (Cravetts, Plaut, Rubin, Frantzman, Erlich)
  8. History Section (Raizman, Rigler)
  9. Reader's Blog-Ed Page March 2010
  10. Reader's Blog-Ed Page April 2010
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January- February 2010

  1. Crossroads
  2. Section I: If it waddles like a terrorist (Ohri, Ibrahim, Rubin, Warner, Sidman, Frantzman, Glazov, Averick, Susselan, Adams)
  3. Section II: Crossroads in Europe: Democracy or Islam
  4. Geert Wilders' trial (Fjordman, Wilders, NRO Symposium)
  5. Europe: Muslim immigration and rising anti-semitism (Murphy, Phillips, Erlich, Bawer, Fjordman)
  6. Section III: Israel and it's virulent neighbors
  7. Gush Katif Remembered (Saperstein, Ronen and Kempinski, Wilder)
  8. Diddling in Iran (Imani, Glassman and Doran, Timmerman)
  9. Israeli problems and how some of them began (Rose, Gordon, Kaplan, Greenfield, Glick)
  10. The Palestinian people- Part of the Arab Ummah (Brand, Wohl, Julian,Tosmeh)
  11. U.N. and UNRWA- Keeping the Arab refugee problem alive (Steyn, Sorek, Delmar)
  12. Section IV: American Jews
  13. Hasbara, activisim and passivity (Darwish, Schwartz, Ashery, IDF Soldier, Tossavainen, Rosebluth, Marano)
  14. History Section (Sharpe, Duke, Ostroff)
  15. Reader's Blog-Ed Page January 2010
  16. Reader's Blog-Ed Page February 2010
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November-December 2009

  1. Let's start with some foundation papers (Belman, Hertz, Sherman)
  2. Jewish outposts and settlements, Refugees and civil disobedience (Julius, Saperstein, Tucker, Ratziav-Katz, Fendel)
  3. What Israel is doing right now (Senor and Singer, Gilder)
  4. Bringing Israeli politics up to the quality of Israeli technology (Schecter, November, Lademain, Sharpe, Freund, Belman, Shapiro)
  5. Christians in biblical Israel (Grobman, Van Zile)
  6. Other Middle East conflicts (Erlich, Rubin, Spyer, Silverberg)
  7. How Islam treats fellow Muslims and Infidels (Ohri, Roberts, Alexiev, Rubin)
  8. Anti-semitism in American blogs, Syrian radio, and earlier influences (Kesler, Levick, Erlich, Herf)
  9. Academic Antisemites (Shifftan and Lipkin, Plaut, Waltzer, Plaut)
  10. Europe on the way to dissolution (Bawer, Fjordman, O'Neill)
  11. American perception of terrorisim (Spengler, Lerner, Emerson and Himelfarb, Jonas, Dzubow)
  12. Reader's Blog-Ed Page November 2009 
  13. Reader's Blog-Ed Page December 2009 
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September-October 2009

  1. Editorial Judging Judge Goldstone 
  2. The Goldstone affair (Altman, Carl of Jerusalem, Laudes, NGO Monitor, Phillips, Cotler, Halevi, Warren)
  3. Other ways the UN gangs up against Israel (Honig, Hertz, Grobman, Glick, Posner)
  4. In the meantime real problems are being ignored (Huessy, Glick, Washington Editorial, Erlich, Stakelbeck, Phillips)
  5. The peace process and the two-state solution (Pipes, Kaplan, Mehlman, Ettinger, Isseroff, Silverberg, Grobman, Airabaa, Pritzker)
  6. Gush Katif (Saperstein, Fendel, Miskin)
  7. Ending the stalemate: The transfer solution (Leibler, Mandel, Greenfield, Dann, Elon, Samson Blinded)
  8. Jewish self-haters (Plaut, Kaplan, Stotsky)
  9. An Inventive history for an inventive people (Dann, Yemini, Plaut, Chemla, Feferman)
  10. Islam as it actually is (O'Neill, Warner, Erlich, Greenfield, Imani, Greenfield, Suseelan)
  11. Muslim infiltration into the U.S.A. (Williams, Gaffney, Shulman, Shulman, Chesler, Jasser)
  12. History Section (Stein)
  13. Reader's Blog-Ed Page September 2009 
  14. Reader's Blog-Ed Page October 2009 
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July-August 2009

  1. The Iranian nuclear threat (Bayefsky, Beres, Wald, Gilder)
  2. A Palestinian state inside Israel (Plaut, Sultan, Knish, Ettinger)
  3. New Palestina in Arab land (King, Al-Shiryan, Spengler, Honig, Faybyshenko, Shane, Kossoff)
  4. Withdraws: Previous and proposed (Yid with Lid, Greenwald, Issar, Saperstein, Dann, Ettinger)
  5. Hamas PR in Gaza: Foreign PR comes to the West Bank (Erlich, Schanzer, Frantzman)
  6. Jhiad in the west (Gordon, Landen, Prelutsky, Jochnowitz, Fulford, Stillwell, Dann, Wasserman, Dunleavy, Ginsberg, Gorin)
  7. Christian churches in the west (Van Zile, Sharpe)
  8. Jewish self-haters (Frantzman, Kaplan, Hausman)
  9. The Media (Shepherd, Kramer, Rubin, Levin)
  10. History Section:Islamic Colonizers, Rescuing Jews (Fjordman, Rigler)
  11. Reader's Blog-Ed Page July 2009
  12. Reader's Blog-Ed Page August 2009
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May-June 2009

  1. Editorial: Another facet of global Jihad: Create a Palestinian state to destory Israel
  2. Linkages, Obama's Cairo speech (Peters, Spenser, Yid with Lid, Ettinger, Kirchick, Kedar)
  3. The settlements (Auerbach, Sultan, Knish, Krauthhammer, Peck, Dann, Frantzman)
  4. The other refugees (Julius, Yemini, Saperstein)
  5. Palestinians and Palestine (Mandelbaum, Shusteff, Eidelberg)
  6. Peace complete with terror (Mauro, Rose, Plaut, Prowisor, McCarthy, Reisman, Ehrenfeld)
  7. Problems with another Palestine state (Even, Arens, Hertz, Miller)
  8. Solving the PAlestine problem (Bonner, Teich, Bussel, SHarpe, Eldad, Dann)
  9. How Islam is impacting the USA (Dreyfus, Glazov interviewing Gaubatz, Reyto)
  10. Islam in Europe (Landen, Steyn, Fjordman, No SHaria)
  11. Jew hate (Finch, Ravid, Schanzer, Gerson, Marquardt-Bigman, Franzman)
  12. History Section (Madoff, Whartman, Zamir)
  13. Reader's Blog-Ed Page May 2009
  14. Reader's Blog-Ed Page June 2009
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March-April 2009

  1. Editorial: A third way
  2. The peace process: two state solutions and Israel's irrevocable right to the land (Sultan, Knish, Belman, Grief, Beres, Sharpe, Singer, Kedar, Beres)
  3. Israeli problems (Faitelson, Frantzman, Saperstein, Sugarman, Thorton, Sherman, Berlyn)
  4. Character studies of Muslims (Phares, Zubry, rubin, Erlich, Hamid)
  5. Sharia is gaining global ground (Plaut, Gaffney, Samson, Guttia, Bawer, Bensman, Rubin, Ibrahim, Pipes, Scruton)
  6. Useful idiots; Fellow travelers (Baron, Honest Reporting, Doron, Mossad, Eidelberg, Williams, Rabinowitz and Mayer, Frantzman)
  7. History Section (Kramer, Zamir, Grobman)
  8. Reader's Blog-Ed Page March 2009
  9. Reader's Blog-Ed Page April 2009
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January-February 2009

  1. Part I: Stages of the global Muslim takeover

  2. What the end-point of a Muslim take over looks like (Sultan, Knish, Fighel, Guitta, Tibi, Inbar and Kedar, Khalaji, Rubin)
  3. Muslim Society (Ibrahim, Jasser, Emerson, Hertz, PeoplesCube, Mirza)
  4. England on the takeover scale (Fjordman, Silverberg, Hove, Plaut, Ceren, Bat Yeor, Wilders)
  5. Foisting Muslim idealogy on America (Shorrosh, Shaidle, McLaughlin, Stillwell, Emerson, Pearl, Sculman, Sacks, Merkley)
  6. Section II: Israel bears the brunt

  7. Institutional anti-semitism (Levin, Berlyn, Cotler, Eye on the UN, Tossavainen, Ross, Steinberg, Cravatts, Gerstenfeld, MacEoin, Spiegel Staff)
  8. Gaza, Hamas, and the Gaza invasion (Frantxman, Surbeck, McCarthy, Eastman, Harari, Rosett, McLeod, Cohen, Carman et al, Feder)
  9. The start of the current Gaza problem: Expelling the Gaza Jew (Saperstein, Lerner, Schulman)
  10. We need new thinking: Tired non-soultions and some new potential solutions (Grief, Eidelberg, Bingham, Dann, Leder and Greenfield, No Sharia, Sigmund, Carl and Alfred, Sultan Knish, Basch, Shoher, Warren, Freund)
  11. History Section (Sharpe, Hertz, Krakow)
  12. Reader's Blog-Ed Page January 2009
  13. Reader's Blog-Ed Page February 2009
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November-December 2008

  1. The muslim world view (Ibrahim, Plaut, Rubin, Shaprio, Sharpe, Johnson, Glazov, Salih, Memri, Imani)
  2. Thoughts on a nuclear Iran and an enucleated Israel (Phillips and Brookes, Epstein, Rosett, Imani)
  3. Gaza and Gush Katie (Mark, Elders of Ziyon, Eidelberg, Weiner and Bell, Plaut, Eidelberg, Glick, Tucker, Saperstein)
  4. Islam at the U.N. (Sprayregen, Jacoby, Zaidi, Loconte, Bayefsky)
  5. Islam in Europe (Coughlan, Fjordman)
  6. Islam in the U.N. (Sprayregen, Jacoby, Zaidi, Loconte, Bayefsky)
  7. Islam in America (Imm, Lappen, Ehrenfeld and Abady, Goldstein)
  8. Helping the Muslim cause voluntarily and unwittingly (Schulman, Merkley, Berlyn, Pipes, Shafran, Glick, Rubin)
  9. History Section (Green, Gannon, Tsiddon-Chatto)
  10. Reader's Blog-Ed November 2008
  11. Reader's Blog-Ed December 2008
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September-October 2008

  1. Media Bias (McLaughlin, McCarthy, Golem, Feder, Malone, Phillips, Landes, Lipkin, Marquardt-Bigman)
  2. Part I: Sharia Infiltration into America

  3. Promoting Sharia Law (Dreyfus, Perazzo, Ibrahim)
  4. Adopting the right mindset (Frantzman, Mandel, Imm, Lieberberg)
  5. Part II: Is it smart to weaken Israel, especially now?

  6. Coexistence isn't possible (Frantzman, Salzman, Rubin, Spyer)
  7. Give the Arabs a state in Arab land, This would also solve the refugee problem (Sharan, Rodban, Singer, Sherman, Grief)
  8. Part III: Dealing with the Arab and Israeli mindset

  9. Changing the Israeli mindset (Celser, Kaplan, Lewin, Kedar, Shomron, Glock, Lademain)
  10. Paying attention to the Muslim mindset (Jayate, Ibrahim, Suseelan)
  11. History Section (Elder of Zion, Perry)
  12. Reader's Blog-Ed Page September 2008 
  13. Reader's Blog-Ed Page October 2008 
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July-August 2008

  1. The four stages of appeasement (Sultan, Knish)
  2. SECTION I: Muslims Wage War in the Far East

  3. Muslim Jihad in India (Swamy, Sherman, Klinghoffer, Guitta)
  4. SECTION II: Muslims Wage War in the Middle East

  5. Gush Katif (Fendel, Tucker, Saperstein)
  6. Gaza-Al-Qaeda's new base (GLick, Guitta, Halevi)
  7. Yet another state in mandated Palestine? (Kasnett, Ibrahim, Benzimra, Beres)
  8. Israel's "good" neighbors (Rubin, Spyer, Brown, Imani)
  9. Iran (Bostom, Eidelberg, Sharon, Peters)
  10. Israel's other problems (Plaut, Winston, Sherman, Eshel, Weiner, Kaplan, Dobrin)
  11. SECTION III: Muslims Wage War in the West

  12. The new Jews, and how we must defend them. (Fitzgerald)
  13. Sharia inroads into government and banking. (Imm, Gaffney)
  14. Islamic inraods into the media and education sectors. (Cravette, Glick, Oboler, Van Zile, Emerson, Romirowsky)
  15. Essays on survival (Kedar, Margetta)
  16. History Section (MacEoin, Karsh, Grobman, Baker)
  17. Reader's blog-Ed Page July 2008 
  18. Reader's blog-Ed Page August 2008 
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May-June 2008

  1. Arab attitude to the founding of Modern Israel (Powell; Karsh; Rubin; Rubin, Romirowsky and Spyer; Shamrock; Lefkovitz)
  2. Status of Gush Katif refugees (Goldberg; Vanunu; Saperstein; Saperstein; Baehr; Glick)
  3. Self-hate in Jewish leftists academics and professional "humanitarians" (Kaplan; NGO Monitor; Frantzman)
  4. History and character of the Palestinian Arab (Ronen; Engelhard; Elitzur; Guariglia)
  5. Israel is too small to host two states. There's a third way (Kahn; Feiglin; Elon; Zwick)
  6. The Palestinian-Israeli conflict is only one of the conflicts in the Middle East (Kramer; Ehrlich; Lewis; Raphaeli; Guitta; Carson)
  7. Muslims working to install sharia law in Europe and incite anti-Semitism (Imani; Shepherd)
  8. The growing anti-Semitism in the world (Kett; Ibrahim; Macdonald)
  9. In America; the battle to impose sharia law continues in the classroom and in the banking system (Ehrenfeld and Lappen; Holland; Issenberg)
  10. Bizarre behavior in the news and entertainment fields (Prelutsky; Hornik; Shulman; Sultain Knish)
  11. History (Chertok; Neuwirth)
  12. Readers' Blog-Eds Page May 2008 
  13. Readers' Blog-Eds Page June 2008 
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March-April 2008

  1. Israel is harassed by its revisionist historians (Margolit, Berdichevsky, Karsh)
  2. Celebrating Passover (Berlyn, Plaut)
  3. Israel being pushed to make concessions that are suicidal (Winston, Lieberman)
  4. Manipulation of our workplaces, banks, libraries, schools and universities by Sharia-activists (Chesler, Shaidle, Stavis, Mandel)
  5. Israel's government is actively working for another Arab state to be located in the heart of the Jewish state (Asa-El, Plaut, Celser, Gordon, Fendel)
  6. Jewish refugees — old and new (Zabludoff, Shragai, Saperstein, Saperstein, Tucker)
  7. Comparing Jewish and Arab cultures (Landes, Dunetz, Pryce-Jones, Glick)
  8. Characterizing Islamic Culture (Carew, Soage, Suseelan, Rubin)
  9. The Oslo Accords -- the Jewish State's biggest mistake (Leibler, Weinberg, Spyer)
  10. New Ideas (Jaff Sassani, Kissinger, Feiglin)
  11. History Section (Muir, Katz, Medoff)
  12. Reader's Blog-Ed Page March 2008 
  13. Reader's Blog-Ed Page April 2008 
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January February 2008

  2. Jews in Israel and in the Diaspora  (Kramer; Wilder; Neuwirth)
  3. Israel's legal rights in Gaza. Assessing Mahmoud Abbas (Bell; Lerner; Kushner)
  4. The Gush Katif refugees (Saperstein; Ronen; Fendel and Bard)
  5. Israel's current problems (Amitai; Pruzansky; Celser; Shragai; Nevada)
  6. SECTION 2: ARAB HOAXES (Schwartz; Carl of Jerusalem; Solomon; Mizroch; Levin; Barron; Rusin; Rubin)
  8. Structure of Arab/Muslim Tribal Society (Pipes; Marcus; Dreyfus)
  9. Islamic attempts at takeover in Europe and India (Fjordman; Suseelan)
  10. Strife Between Islam And Christianity (Jonsson; Gorin; Eldad)
  12. Mainline churches and anti-Semitism (Spotts; Tooley)
  13. Anti-Jewish academics (Safian; Seliktar)
  14. Islamic Violence in America (McCarthy; Jolowitz; Poole)
  15. SECTION 5: FIGHTING BACK (Fitzgerald; HaKohen; Lee; Suseelan; Imani; Rubin; No Sharia)
  16. HISTORY SECTION: (Zebulon; Zamir)
  17. Reader's Blog-Ed Page January 2008 
  18. Reader's Blog-Ed Page February 2008 
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November-December 2007

  1. Pre-Annapolis warnings (Sharon; Nevada; Haetzni; Lipkin)
  2. Annapolis Aftermath (Gaffney; Lasky; Honig; Katz; Sivan; McCarthy; Honig; Peters; Glick)
  3. Stories From The Gush Katif Refugees (Saperstein; Tucker)
  4. To Survive We Need To Get Our Facts And Policy And Ideology Straight (Belman; Shilo; Glick; Mansur; Evans; Lipkin; Neuwirth; Sherman)
  5. The Ubiquitous Islamist (Cohen; Coughlan; Poole; Zak; Sharon; Navrozov)
  6. Introducing Sharia Into British Banking (Gaffney; Christofi; Wood)
  7. Santa's Little Helpers -- The Un And The Upcoming Durban Conference (Tobin; Steinberg; Bayefsky)
  8. Far left Marxist Israelis are among the ablest of the aiders and abetters of Islamism (Pollak; Wilder; Russell, Berlyn)
  9. History: Dividing the Land of Israel (Kramer; Glick; Meir-Levi)
  10. Reader's Blog-Ed Page November 2007 
  11. Reader's Blog-Ed Page December 2007 
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September-October 2007

  1. Editorial: The Annapolis Summit 
  2. The Major players at the upcoming Annapolis conference (Bedein, Fishman, Winston, Emanuel, Leibler)
  3. Why Israel should treat Peace Conferences like the plague (Haetzni, Honigman, Rubin, Thomas)
  4. What Israel would lose if it allowed a Palestinian state to be carved out of Biblical Israel (Sherman, Anbar, Balint, Hertzm Jeudar)
  5. The rise of yet another bunch of "extremists", Hizb Ut-Tahrir (Spyer, Guitta)
  6. Views on why Arabs are consumed with Jew Hate (Bostom; Kuntzel; Mason and Felder)
  7. Minimizing and/or excusing Arab rotten behavior (Ibrahim; Levin; Ehrenfeld and Lappen; Chesler)
  8. Israel's choices in confronting push to annihilate her  (Mandel, Celser, Ya'alon, Glick, Elon, Sherman, Lipkin, Lacey, Grief)
  9. Israel needs to take control of her own destiny (Rigler)
  10. Reader's Blog-Ed Page September 2007 
  11. Reader's Blog-Ed Page October 2007 
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July-August 2007

  2. How Europe is responding to resurgent Islam (Guitta, Gerstenfeld, Johnson)
  3. How England Is Accomodating Itself To The Muslim Takeover (West, Cravatts, Blankley)
  4. How The Western And Israeli Media Respond To The Islamist War (Stern, Hoven, Steyn, Blum, Murawiec, ZOA)
  5. PART 2: ISRAEL 
  6. Gush Katif -- 2 years ago the Israeli government made them refugees (Yitzchaki, Saperstein, Tucker)
  7. The Israeli Educational System (Glick, Plaut, Kurtz)
  8. The Peace Disaster  (Spyer, Bawer, Nevada, Sharon)
  9. The Secularists War Against The Religious. The Leftist-Rightist split (Klein, Shalom, Silverberg)
  10. The Palestinian Character (NRO Symposium; Burdman; Bertz; Rubin; Erlich)
  11. Israeli Leadership Cater To An Uncompromising Terrorist Enemy (Shulman, Spyer, Amitay, Bechor, Glick)
  13. Important Basic Articles (Grief, Berlyn)
  14. Do-It-Yourself  (Miller, Rossmiller)
  16. Travelers (Goldreich, Valiunas)
  17. History (Wenkel, Levine)
  18. Reader's Blog-Ed Page July 2007 
  19. Reader's Blog-Ed Page August 2007 
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May-June 2007

  1. Hamas, a brasher version of its creator, the Muslim Brotherhood (Rubin; Ehrenfeld and Lappen; Hornik; Rose; Frisch; Dahoah-Halevi; Salama and Wheeler)
  2. What Israel is up against, from Israeli anti-Israel ideologs to global Arab-sponsored anti-semitism (Berlyn, Rosenblum, Sherman, Plaut, Inbar, Winston, Halevy, Morgan, Goldman)
  3. More problems giving up Israeli land than keeping it (Baehr, Haetzni, Gurkow)
  4. Illusions of peace (Plaut, Sherman, Shoval, Gerecht)
  5. Seeking a moderate Muslim leader (Karsh, McCarthy, Silverberg)
  6. Treatment of women in Arab society (Peck; Sommers; Berko and Erez)
  7. Is Islam a peaceful and tolerant religion? (Imani, Salvato, Bostom, Suseelan)
  8. Facts about the Palestinian Arabs  (Leiter, Katz)
  9. People who live in the war zone  (Saperstein, Brain, Imani, Bakier)
  10. Are Islam and democracy compatible? (Lerner, Bukay, Fjordman)
  11. Civilian groups that are usually in the pro-Arab corner (Plaut, Miller, NGO Monitor, Rubin)
  12. Alternative solutions to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict (Neumann and Golbert; Blum)
  13. History -- The Six Day War (Krauthammer, Ajami, Klinghoffer)
  14. Reader's Blog-Ed Page May 2007 
  15. Reader's Blog-Ed Page June 2007 
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March-April 2007

  1. Some basic geographic and historic data (Berlyn, Sandor)
  2. Israel needs to show mature responsibility for its own destiny (Glazov; Sper and Raine; Haetzni; Plaut; Tokatly, Ganor; Lerner; Bingham)
  3. What's doing in Egypt, Syria and Iran (Carol, Azarva, Glick, Sazegara, Gerecht)
  4. The situation in Gaza (Erlich, Galant, Inbari, Harari, Hyman, Sherman, Glick)
  5. Sunni and Shi'ite bondings and strife (Amidror, Yehiav)
  6. The Muslim Brotherhood (Vidino, Jasser, Poole, Ibrahim, Poole)
  7. Western vulnerability (Beres, Glazov, Pipes, Fjordman)
  8. Great Britain and its Muslims (Glick, Phares, Ronin)
  9. Jewish contributors to the Arab War against the West (Lipkin, Neuwirth, Amitay)
  10. The media and PR (Think-Israel Staff, Farhi, Bedein, Imani)
  11. Some anti-Semitism history (Greenspan and Zivotofsky; White-Harvey; Lasensky)
  12. Reader's Blog-Ed Page March 2007 
  13. Reader's Blog-Ed Page April 2007 
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January February 2007

  1. The danger in accepting spurious peace plans> (Inbar; Glick; Eidelberg; Glick; Yee; Haetzni; Naggar; Rose; Temkin)
  2. Some new ideas for achieving peace> (Lewis; Schecter)
  3. Secular Jews fighting religous Jews rather than the Arab enemy> (Peck; Rosenbluth; Levin; Lipkin; Fendel)
  4. Internal problems in Islamic countries> (McCarthy; Glazov; Imani; Ibrahim; Kass)
  5. Activist Muslim behavior in different countries> (Vogel; Delacampagne; Perazzo)
  6. Fighting back> (Poole; Kaplan)
  7. Christian Zionism> (Merkley)
  8. Parallels between Israel and Serbia> (Belman; Israel)
  9. Good reads> (Goldman; Simmons)
  10. Some history> (Furnish; Kuntzel; Aafreedi)
  11. Reader's Blog-Ed Page January 2007> 
  12. Reader's Blog-Ed Page February 2007> 
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November-December 2006

  1. Jim Baker and the Iran Study Group (ISG) Report (McCarthy, Spyer, Lerner, Holton, Ben-Menachem, Lipkin)
  2. What the Baker Group Should Have Understood and Recommended (Sagamori, Thornton, Rubin, Allott, Liebmann, Girishkumar)
  3. Understanding Islam (Hall, Ibrahim, Sagamori)
  4. Tributaries that Contribute to the Raging Stream of anti-Semitism (Stillwell, Bard, GanOr, Neuwirth, Erlich, Shulman, Cravatts, Girishkumar)
  5. Israel's Internal Problems (Shifftan, Sharon, Matar, Belogordsky)
  6. The Gush Katif Refugees -- where are they now? (Simon, Saperstein, Fendel, Klein)
  7. Some New Ideas (Glick, Chesler, Haetzni, Sherman, Eidelberg)
  8. The Liberal American Churches, Israel and the Christian Community in the Middle East (Korn, Hein)
  9. Biographies of two righteous people: Nonie Darwish and Major General Orde Wingate (Greenger, Geller)
  10. History (Honigman; Wheeler; Marcus and Crook)
  11. Reader's Blog-Ed Page November 2006 
  12. Reader's Blog-Ed Page December 2006 
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September-October 2006

  1. The Lebanon War -- what went wrong (Inbar, Ottolenghi, Glazov, Isaac)
  2. The strong link between Islamic terrorism and the religion of Islam  (Locke and Epstein; Alexander; Feder; Bukay)
  3. Issues and Definitions (Eidelberg; Sharon; Spyer; Karsh; MacEoin; Kuntzel, Brennan; Carew; Phares; Selbourne)
  4. Are there influential moderate Muslims and does it matter? (Fjordman, Pappas, Rubin)
  5. CAIR and NGOS -- propagandists who whitewash Islam and demonize Israel (Poole, Steinberg)
  6. Essays on three historical periods (Lieberberg, Gottheil, Carol)
  7. Reader's Blog-Ed Page September 2006 
  8. Reader's Blog-Ed Page October 2006 
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July-August 2006

  1. The Lebanon War -- Background Material (Plaut, Pham, Erlich)
  2. We Lost the War (Herman, Almog, Shavit, Glick, Peters, Saperstein)
  3. How do we get ready for the next round (Sherman, Wilder, Peters, Bogner, Locke, Lewis, Sagamori, Shusteff, Thornton, Nevada, Carol)
  4. Hezbollah -- the tool of Iran and Syria (Neuwirth; Ganor; Inbar, Lerner; Amidror and Diker; Yaalon)
  5. Studies in Muslim Character (Zubry, Sagamori, Imani, Girishkumar)
  6. Media anti-semitism and media hoaxes (Lasky, Bedein, Lipkin, Zombi)
  7. Anti-semitic Jews and other useful idiots that aid Israel's enemies  ( Alexander and Bogdanor; Iman; Hertz; Celser)
  8. Some history and some linguistic misuse (Berlyn, Bentekoa, Neuwirth)
  9. Reader's Blog-Ed Page July 2006 
  10. Reader's Blog-Ed Page August 2006 
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May-June 2006

  1. News about the Jews of Gush Katif ( Berliner; Saperstein, Balint, Narrett)
  2. Assessing Olmert's disengagement ... convergence ... realignment (Woolsey, Blumenfeld, Gaffney)
  3. So what is driving Olmert? (Zimmerman, Seid and Wise; Ettinger; Glick; Honig)
  4. The Gaza expulsion has forced many Jews into new thinking (Dann, Shifftan, Eidelberg, Neuwirth, Macy)
  5. Mistreating Jewish Holy Sites (Ahmed, Freund, Pipes)
  6. Myths by Muslims and Myths about Muslims  (Luttwak, Hamdani, Green, Meir-Levi)
  7. Iran and Israel: major actors in the war Islam is waging against the West (Yaalon, Krauthammer)
  8. Islamist expansion into Africa and Sudan's genocidal attacks on Darfur (Paz and Terdman; Goldberg; Levin)
  9. More on the Islamic Confederacy -- the loose but genuine linkages between the different terrorist groups (Halevi, Poole)
  10. Islam's Buddies (Bayefsky, Shulman)
  11. How should Europe deal with the ever growing Islamic terrorism?  (Aznar, Fjordman)
  12. Londonistan  (Phillips, Trifkovic)
  13. Islam In America (Peck, Mercer, Schwartz, Anbar, Gorin)
  14. Caving In  (Peck, Sagamori, Eidelberg)
  15. It's time to Wake Up! (Shoebat, Berger)
  16. Re-examining some fundamental concepts (Sagamori, Murawiec, Gordon, Berlyn, Neuwirth, Sherman)
  17. History (Rose, Miller, Plaut)
  18. The Media  (Augean Stables; Schlussel; Wise)
  19. Reader's Bolg-Ed Page May 2006 
  20. Reader's Bolg-Ed Page June 2006 
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March-April 2006

  1. News about the Jews of Gush Katif (Fendel; Wisemon; Saperstein)
  2. Living normal in Israel (Dann; Bresky; Stern)
  3. Defining Zionism (Berger; Benzimra)
  4. Kadima and its new name for Disengagement (Berlyn; Winston; Sherman; Morag; Belman)
  5. Terrorists infiltrate and proliferate in Gaza (Haney; Rubin; Halevi; Guitta; Glick)
  6. An alternative to the binational and two-state solutions to the Arab-Israeli conflict ( Barnes; Peck)
  7. Is Islam a religion of peace? (Peck; Prelutsky)
  8. Islam's imperial dreams  (Karsh; Kramer; Sagamori)
  9. How Muslims operate a take-over in different countries (Guthrie; Choudhury; Steyn; Carol; Fjordman; Spencer; Bawer; Chesler; Houck; Chadha)
  10. America's behavior towards its Middle Eastern allies (Lerner; Neuwirth)
  11. Some New York Times articles and thoughts about the internet (Uniglicht; Shulman)
  12. The campus: Flapdoodles at Harvard. Said's Orientalism evaluated (Lasky; Cravatts; Teitelbaum and Litvak)
  13. Reader's Blog-Ed Page March 2006 
  14. Reader's Blog-Ed Page April 2006 
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January- February 2006

  1. The Jews of Gaza: Housing. Work. How are the children doing? (Seidman-Schlessinger; Aumann; Greenwald; Vanunu; Sapersteins)
  2. Gush Etzion, Hebron and Amona are the new Gaza (Matar; Fendel; Fendel; Iannone)
  3. The war of the secularists against the religious (Winston; Honig; Lewin; Feiglin)
  4. Some other problems confronting Israel (Glick; Doron; Eidelberg; Carol; Glick; Plaut)
  5. What to expect from the PLO and their links to other terrorist groups (Keyes; Loftus; Weiner and Sussman; Ehrlich; Steinberg; Rubin; Plaut; Ettinger; Shulman)
  6. Israel's friendly neighbors, America's allies (Lerner; Freund; Khalil)
  7. Dhimmi Christians (Israeli; VanZile)
  8. Israeli strategy should factor in an understanding of the Arab character (Grobman; Katz; Suseelan; Lieberberg)
  9. Some modern garbs of anti-Semitism (Neumann and Masada2000 Staff; Berger)
  10. What we need to do in America (Belman; Epstein)
  11. Transfer the Arabs, not the Jews (Carol; Shamrak)
  12. The newspaper media and the flicks (Gross; Green; Wright; Bertz)
  13. The campus (Chesler, Jacobson and Landes; Jaffit; Weinglass)
  14. Some history (Tsiyon; Cohen)
  15. Reader's Blog-Ed Page January 2006 
  16. Reader's Blog-Ed Page February 2006 
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November-December 2005

  1. Gaza Aftermath. The Jews. The takeover of Gaza by terrorist groups (Bashani, Glick, Compilation of reports, Nevada, Stern, bin Hookah, Uniglicht)
  2. Know Your Enemy And What Makes Him Tick (Kahati, Gross, Meir-Levi, Suseelan, Sagamori, Grief)
  3. Arab Muslim Society (Sagamori, Chesler, Rubin)
  4. Muslims From Bangladesh To Boston: Different Strokes for Different Victims (Glazov, Milani, Choudhury, Barnett)
  5. France and Israel (Green, Gerstenfeld)
  6. Arab Propagandists And Their Shills (Stillwell, Wright, Pipes, HaLevi)
  7. News About The Media (Connolly, Sullivan)
  8. Israel: Nobel prizes, political parties and a possibly-workable peace plan (Krieger, Levine, Neumann)
  9. Reader Blog-Ed Page November 2005 
  10. Reader Blog-Ed Page December 2005 
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September-October 2005

  1. Anti-semitism in England on the left, the right and the center (Wistrich, Cohen, Locke)
  2. The Christian Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center co-opts western Christians and jeopardizes ME Christians (Lappen, Elliott, VanZile)
  3. American Jews were silent, America and Israeli leaders blundered, and now Gaza is controlled by terrorists (Isaac, Neuwirth, Shulman, Merkeley, Feder)
  4. After Gaza, Arabs still want to destroy Israel. implications. (Rubin, Glick, Katz, Stillwell, Anbar)
  5. More fallout from Gaza. Israelis, religious and secular, need to change their images of themselves and each other (Bingham, Medad, Fendel, Winston, Samuels, Berlyn, Inst Study of Corruption in Israel)
  6. History segment: an Arab myth that is believed and some facts that are ignored (Green, Singer)
  7. The new foreign policy appears to be appeasement of Islam at home and abroad (Peck, Epstein, Brody, Furnish)
  8. These esssays examine how our Arab allies, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, behave at home (Khalil, Spencer)
  9. Words that pinpoint or obscure the Arab destruction of the Gaza greenhouses and building left for their benefit  (Engelhard, Frumkin)
  10. Reader's Blog-Ed Page September 2005
  11. Reader's Blog-Ed Page October 2005
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July-August 2005

  1. Terrorism in Israel, in America and in England are by the same hand (Beres)
  2. Eyewitness accounts of the Gaza retreat (Winston, Matar, Sugarman, Kempinski, Shomron, Ha'ivri)
  3. Initial insights into the withdrawal from Gaza (Ragen, Sackett, Meir-Levi, Krasnianski, Leibler, Greenberg, Fitleberg, Goodtree, Pasko, Meir-Levi)
  4. Defining the Oslo Syndrome and why Jews turned against Jews (Levin, Grobman, Neuwirth, Glick, Lipkin, Blum-Halevi, Beres)
  5. Israel's ownership of Gaza, Samaria and Judea under international law (Grief, Shusteff, Simons)
  6. America's relationships in the Middle East (Rubin, Zwick, Lerner, Gaffney, Berlyn, Glazov)
  7. Is democracy about to come to the Middle East? (Auster, Lieberberg, Grobman, Perazzo)
  8. America's desire for a democratic Middle East is up against Islam (Sagamori, Richards, Noury, Zubry)
  9. Islamist activity in America: in academia, the Protestant mainline churches and the media (Karsh, Kramer, Merkley, Qando Blog)
  10. Islamic activity in Europe: the London bombings (Sagamori, Feder, Devorah, Winston, Steyn, Gorin, Peck)
  11. Reader's Blog-Ed Page July 2005 
  12. Reader's Blog-Ed Page August 2005 
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May-June 2005

  1. Personal stories about Gush Katif and the earlier expulsion of Jews from Yamit (Yadai, Jacoby, Shaw, Kahane)
  2. Predicting the consequences of the planned retreat from Gaza (Mandel, Zweibon, Lipkin, Shavit, Stav, Yoram Shifftan, Bedein)
  3. Mischaracterizing Muslims impacts on how we fight the war on terror (Shulman, Hagmann, Kresta, Pipes, Gorin)
  4. What are Arab Muslims like when they are at home? (Rubin, Shea, Spyer)
  5. How Muslims behave around the world at different stages of their control of the area (Goodtree, Vidino, Choudhury, Green)
  6. The resurgence of anti-Semitism (Erlich, Winston, Lerner, Noury)
  7. What are the Muslims doing in and to America. And why are we susceptible? (Peck, Kaplan, Suseelan, Sagamori)
  8. The relationship of American presidents from Roosevelt to Bush with Israel and the Arabs. (Neuwirth, Lipkin)
  9. American Jews don't vigorously protect Israel from foreign encroachment, including American coercion. (Think-Israel, Winston, Goodtree, Dreyfus, Tzoref)
  10. The arrogant disregard of truth by the media and academics when writing about Israel  (Singer, Gross, Plaut, Stillwell)
  11. A reason given for the Gaza disengagement is that there's no alternative. Not true.  (Tuvia, Ronen and Shapira; Cooperberg; Shapiro)
  12. The Arab refugees and the history of the city of Jerusalem (Meir-Levi, Grigg)
  13. Reader's Blog-Ed Page May 2005 
  14. Reader's Blog-Ed Page June 2005 
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March-April 2005

  1. Giving up the Territories means the loss of control over much of Israel's water supply. (Wulfsohn, Sherman)
  2. Israel is in danger of losing both her historic lands and her democratic nature (Glazov, Pipes, Young, Kotz, Weil, Zaliouk, Plaut, Jacobs, Berlyn, Horowitz)
  3. Some possible and rational reasons for Sharon's expulsion of the Jews of Gaza (Dann, Golbert)
  4. We can expel Jews to make room for one more Arab state, but what can we expect from such a state? (Katz, Beres, Glick)
  5. Israel owns Biblical Israel (the West Bank) by international law. But Israel hasn't asserted her rights. (Shifftan, Grief)
  6. It's said there's no alternative to a Gaza disengagement. How about this? (Anbar)
  7. These essays deal with terrorism and Muslim terrorists in the Middle East and around the world (Eder, Glick, Sagamori, Frankfurter, Hamilton, Hamid, O'Brien)
  8. Christians have been among the strongest of Israel's supporters andamong the most offensive (Lieberberg, Norland)
  9. Oslo and now Disengagement were concocted by Israelis and adopted by the American admininistration (Neuwirth, Winston, Falkson)
  10. What defines Judaism? What is the relationship of the Jewish people to their land? (Wasserman, Anbar, Shusteff)
  11. Reader's Blog-Ed Page March 2005
  12. Reader's Blog-Ed Page April 2005
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January-February 2005

  1. Expelling the Jews of Gaza may be the start of a campaign to drive the Jews from the rest of Biblical Israel. (Tucker, Saperstein, Wilder, Kempinski, Shusteff, Shusteff, Stern, Shapiro, Nevada)
  2. The economics and implementation of the Gaza expulsion, its faulty underpinnings, and how to prevent the catastrophe (Winston, Haetzni, Glick, Bedein)
  3. Factors that made it possible for Sharon to act against the wishes of the Israelis in the last election (Celser, Sherman, Shapiro)
  4. The Arabs would have to change much of their culture for real peace. (Goodtree, Benzimra, Sagamori)
  5. Despite their atrocious behavior, Arabs are perceived as victims. Can Israel change this perception? (Amitay, Dunetz, Zwick, Bayefsky, Pipes, Shapiro, Navon)
  6. How the media spreads anti-Semitism, sometimes openly, sometimes under the guise of being anti-Israel (Plaut, Green Schlussel)
  7. American Jewish leadership is doing a poor job fighting anti-semitism, some of which is coming from American Jews  (Lappen, Stillwell, Girin, Neuwirth)
  8. Middle East facts. The Balfour declaration. The Arabs and the Nazis (Plaut, Abelson, Green, Storobin)
  9. Reader's Blog-Ed Page January 2005
  10. Reader's Blog-Ed Page February 2005
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November-December 2004

  1. Ariel Sharon's plan to expel Gaza Jews from their homes, making Biblical Israel Judenrein. (Bedein, Perry, Shusteff, Winston, Gaffney)
  2. No one really believes that the Gaza disengagement will stop terrorism or bring peace (Zwick, Eidelberg, Pasko, Sherman)
  3. Muslims have traits — fostered by Islam — that create problems for everyone. (Fitzgerald, Estrin, Afshar, Stalinsky, Eidelberg)
  4. Aspects of the general War on Terrorism we are reluctantly fighting. (Godson, Glazov, Glick, O'Brien, Dann, Halkin, Berger, Mandel, Sher)
  5. Arafat is dead. The question now is: after Arafat, what? (Sagamori, Plaut, Rubin, Amidror and Keyes)
  6. Anti-Semitism from anti-Semitic acts and a major modern-day offender, the United Nations. (Moe, Bayefsky, Beres, Tzoref)
  7. Israeli academics who defend the Arabs, and work against Israel (Kornfeld, Berlyn, Tzoref, Plaut, Devorah)
  8. Some historical events in the first part of the 20th Century (Green, Haetzni, Jacoby)
  9. November 2004 Blog-Eds
  10. December 2004 Blog-Eds

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September-October 2004

  1. Arab strategy — jihad and terror — and how "friendly" Arab countries are contributing to the campaign (Gerstenfeld, Finkel, May, Rubin, Jerusalem News wire Editorial Staff, Erlich, Neuwirth, Jacoby)
  2. The infiltration of Muslims into Europe and their impact on European society (Lipkin, Spencer, Gould, Singer, Steinberg)
  3. Israel owns Israel; biblically, historically, by living there for centuries and by right of conquest. (Shifftan, Shifftan)
  4. The legal system and how Israel's hasbara work against Israel's integrity. ( Berlyn, Ettinger, Gordon, Dann, Halevi, Halevi, Plaut, Saperstein, Eidelberg)
  5. Some basic facts about Israel and the Palestinian Arabs. (Schwartz, Auster)
  6. An examination of the media in the United States and Israel ( Winston, Lipkin, Pollak)
  7. September 2004 Blog-Eds 
  8. October 2004 Blog-Eds 

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July-August 2004

  1. The mindset and value system of Islam (Spencer, O'Brien, Feder, Finley)
  2. Iran's growing threat to the region and the world (Ehrenfeld, Krauthammer)
  3. The international laws that support Israel's claim to Palestine are being ignored. (Singer, Piggott, Benzimra, Shifftan)
  4. Recent disasterous Israeli decisions and one-sided concessions. (Winston, Neuwirth)
  5. The Human Chain from Gush Katif to Jerusalem on July 25, 2004 may be the trigger for awaking Israel from it's Oslo coma (HaLevi, Wilder)
  6. Expelling Jews from Gaza is still on the table (Shtern, Shlomo, Shragai, Zubry, Derfner, Ben-David)
  7. Are there better solutions to the Arab-Israeli conflict than for Israel to commit suicide? (Leiber, Neuwirth)
  8. Some Inspirational essays (Berlyn, Schneerson, Kahn)
  9. We present some recent Middle East history (Berlyn, Eder)
  10. The spread of anti-Semitism in the media, at universities and in libraries. (Shulman, Gross, New York Sun Editorial, Isaac, Levin, Devorah)
  11. July 2004 Blog-Eds
  12. August 2004 Blog-Eds

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May-June 2004

  1. We have met the Arab enemy and they ain't us (Sagamori, Zwelfler, Darwish, Chesler, Choy, Beres, Shragai, Basch, Suseelan, Spencer, Pasko, Shorrosh)
  2. How has Israel reacted to the sustained Arab agression? What should she do? (Honigman, Winston, Shifftan and Lipkin, Shapiro, Melman, Ettinger, Winston, Goodtree)
  3. The war on Iraq was better-formulated and carried out than when we tried to bestow democracy on a people, while ignoring their national character. (Lipkin, Chesnoff, Lipkin)
  4. Anti-Semitism has many faces. Here are two: one worn by an academic; the other, by ordinary Russians. (Alexander, Zubry)
  5. Pro-Palestinian propaganda comes in many flavors. (Yee, Lipkin, Pirate, Dowd-Gailey)
  6. These essays discuss two rhetorical articles on Gaza. (Kaufman, Banzimra)
  7. Readers Blog-Eds May 2004  
  8. Reader's Blog-Eds June 2004 

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March-April 2004

  1. Sharon's disengagement plan is flawed (Winston, Shapiro, Fishbein, Glick, Berlyn, Saperstein, Kovacs, Peck, Fitzgerald, Hornik, Plaut)
  2. Jews, the Land of Israel and the Torah are one (Tzoref, Honein, Terry, Gilsan)
  3. The land of Israel and Jerusalem-History and Analysis (Lipkin, Green, Kedar)
  4. The Arab-Israeli conflict is not responsible for all the ills of the Arab world (Rosenblum, Lappen)
  5. A sensible and effective transfer from Gaza (Pasko, Shusteff, Shapiro, Goodtree)
  6. Jews, Kurds, and the Sudanese Christians are among the minorities that suffered brutal attack (Honigman, Boof)
  7. Anti-Semitism is blossoming out all over (Bartov, Alexander, Zubry)
  8. Recognizing Islam is not a peaceful religion (Kahn, Borchgrave, Kaufman, Shulman)
  9. China Diaries: Celebrating Passover (Drefus)
  10. Readers' Blog-Ed Page March 2004
  11. Readers' Blog-Ed Page April 2004
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January-February 2004

  1. Islam intellectuals and theologians who support guilt free terrorism ( Halevi, Magister, bin Hookah, Tzoref, Sharon, Sagamori)
  2. Israeli instutions that contribute to Israel's ability to whithstand internal pressure  (Saperstein, Peck, Celser)
  3. What Israel should do now (Jacobson, Amidror, Lipkin, Kaganovich and Butler, Goodtree)
  4. Anti-Israel bias in the media and the "peace and humility" foundations (Hess, Horowitz, Israel, Gross, Kaplan, Lappen)
  5. History Section  (Terry, Green, Neuwirth)
  6. China Diaries (Drefus)
  7. Readers' Blog-Ed Page January 2004
  8. Readers' Blog-Ed Page February 2004
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November-December 2003

  1. Saudi Arabia, funding Terrorism (Lipkin, Walsh, Zubry, Asa-El, Stalinsky, Gaffney)
  2. The Peace treaty between Egypt and Israel  (, Fishbein, Eldar)
  3. Is Islam a peaceful religion? (Eldar, Gutmann, Sagamori, )
  4. Why negotiating with the Palestine Arabs is futile (Rubin, Bechor, Hendrix and Green)
  5. Separating the Jews and Arabs; The vast Arab land area  (Marano, Shusteff, King)
  6. Freedom of speech is becoming increasingly selective  (Chesler, Ronen, Plaut)
  7. The right of Jews to a Jewish homeland  (Rose, Gold and Helmreich, Shifftan)
  8. How Anti-Israeli bias has spread in America (Sharkansky, Winston, Daners)
  9. Jews who live in exotic places (Saperstein)
  10. China Diaries: Friends and Students (Dreyfus)
  11. Readers' Blog-Ed Page November 2003
  12. Readers' Blog-Ed Page December 2003
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September-October 2003

  1. Why our way of peace has failed  (Locke, Pasko, Berlyn, Weiss, Gaffney, Anbar, Winston, Abrahms, Sagamori)
  2. Neccessary reform in Israel  (Eidelberg, Goodtree, Feiglin, Peck, Bayefsky, Zaritsky, Haetzni)
  3. Population Exchange  (Shulman, Shusteff, King)
  4. Middle East Groups: Hizballah and Hamas  (Levitt, Lipkin)
  5. Anti-Israel bias in the media  (Beres, Sobel, Kaplan, Zarifa, Tolkan)
  6. China Diaries  (Dreyfus)
  7. Readers' Blog-Ed Page September 2003
  8. Readers' Blog-Ed Page October 2003
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July-August 2003

  1. The Elon Plan for Peace  (Elon, Glick, Rostow, Shifftan, Rose, Nalapat)
  2. How well is the Roadmap working in this period of Hudna?  (Arutz-7 news items, Marcus, Kazhdan, Lappen, bin Hookah, Winston, Horowitz)
  3. History Section  (Lipkin, Wisse, Honigman, Silon)
  4. Anti-Israel propaganda in the media  (Levy, Hobbs)
  5. Readers' Blog-Ed Page July 2003
  6. Readers' Blog-Ed Page August 2003
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May-June 2003

  1. Problems with the Roadmap  (Rozenman, Anbar Haetzni)
  2. From the clarity of the Middle East issues to the unsuccessful plan in 2002  (An Arutz-7 Editorial, Lipkin, Keinon, Glick, Vance, Atlas, Cheeseman, Bayefsky, Diker)
  3. How to amend we won the war and lost the peace  (Gingrich, Blankley, Gaffney)
  4. History Section  (Jensen and Lipkin, Lipkin)
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March-April 2003

  1. Promoting Democracy and Peace in the Middle East  (Lipkin, Feder, Lipkin, Churchill, Lipkin, Saperstein, Griffin, Benzimra, Mandelbaum, Ramati)

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Roadmap 200307

  1. All the articles in this special Edition are about the road map, the latest threat to Israel's sovereignty and security.
  2. Is The Roadmap a good path to follow? (Lipkin, received from J.A.T., Shusteff, Wilder, Zaliouk, Shulman, Belman, Tobin, Goodenough, Plaut, Landau, Beres)

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January-February 2003

  1. British Perfidy (Lipkin, Lipkin, Sagamori, Dishy, Lipkin, Saperstein, bin Hookah, Al Skudsi)

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November-December 2002

  1. The settlement of the Jews  (Lipkin, Glick, Balint, Bedein, Lipkin)
  2. Controlling allies in wartime  (Fisbein)

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September-October 2002

  1. Arab Myths; Israel Reality (Lipkin, Alan, Lipkin, Lipkin, bin Hookah, Al Skudsi, Balint)

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July-August 2002

  1. Israel Can't Protect Them Every Time (Lipkin, Lipkin, bin Hookah, Al Skudsi, Lipkin, Lipkin and Lewis, Lipkin, Balint)

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